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Snow Queen Portrait Picks!

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 29, 2017, 12:39 PM
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Good Day To You Members!

Finally, the results to the "Snow Queen Portrait" Challenge!

Thank you for being patient. Our guest judge was away from home with out a computer, so it took a bit of time to get her Picks to me.


:bulletwhite: Just to stay on schedule with our challenges, I will begin a Valentine's Theme one tomorrow. It's going to be a poster one. We haven't done a poster in a long time. So keep an eye out for that journal.


Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

I want to thank our Guest Judge, PotatoCatBee, and Staff Member, theheek, for helping me select this week's Picks.

Also, thank you to all who participated, making this a successful challenge.  

You all did a fantastic job! This was a very difficult challenge to judge, and that's really a good thing! Challenges should not be easy to judge. :lol:

Every participant has already received their small "Thank You” Gift of 20 points. Those who are our Picks Of The Week will receive something very special.

If you have any questions as to why your entry wasn't a pick for this challenge, simply send a Note to the group and I'll be happy to respond.



Winter Witch by KarmaRae
"Winter Witch" by KarmaRae
"I really like this one because it is cleverly built and well put together. The model is clearly doing magical things with her hands which is shown very well. In addition, the colors are easy on the eyes and the magical object is the same color throughout the image which makes it look more realistic. Great job!"

Looking Back by supersnappz16
"Looking Back" by supersnappz16
"Although simple in its design I think this one is the best at showing what the challenge was about. All of the model is present and blends well with her environment. There is also the use of space and depth with the things that are farther away being a tad bit blurry but not overdone. Nicely done!"

Snow Falling by Adurrahman123
"Snow Falling" by Adurrahman123
"I think this one is very cute I like the fact that the child is portrayed as a fairy or angel of some sort giving children the innocence that they deserve. I like the snow which actually looks like its moving and the  polar bears poking their heads out behind the girl. Wonderful job!"


Snow Queen . Reina de las Nieves by Mvicen
"Snow Queen--Reina de las Nieves" by Mvicen
"This is one of my favorite entries in the entire competition simply because Mvicen has placed her Snow Queen into a very elegant environment that speaks magic and mystery. The long stairs that lead to her castle, the snow fox and snow heron who are part of her domain; what a complete image this makes."

Ice Princess by acheronnights
"Ice Princess" by acheronnights
"In a way, this is a simple image, but acheronnights has included little details that makes it stand out. The texture in the background, more like crackle glass, instead of snow, for example, and the subtle way how the blush in her face is repeated in the areas of red flowers in both the foreground and the background helps pull the entire image together. Well done!"

Snow Queen by KAVIZO
"Snow Queen" by KAVIZO
"Very soft and elegant image. I like the sense of magic and her connect with nature. At first, I had wished
that her hair was lightened, but truthfully, the dark of her hair is reflected in the dark shape of the trees, and sit helps pulls the entire image together. I do see one flaw. Compared to the rest of her, her legs are painted too far making them look out of place, not apart of her body; however, it's not enough for me to not give you kudos on this and make it a Pick. :)"


The Snow Queen by teMan
"The Snow Queen" by teMan
"I really do love this piece. It's simplistic and yet it's all that's needed. The colors are balanced in a chilling harmony, with soft grays and blues and show wonderful depth. The shading is precise and what I love most of all is that the woman is in the middle of the field, as to most works putting focal points in the very front. The blurred foreground also helps a lot with telling depth and I feel like your work stands out among most other submissions.

However, there is a slight issue that I can't tell if you chose it just for the picture or you do it for your art in general,but I feel as if the watermark slightly distracts from the piece, and makes it feel almost like a screenshot. Yet, it is a minor complaint and I wouldn't worry too much.

Congratulations on your submission for the challenge! ^v^ Its a wonderful piece!"

Snow Queen by AzaliyaGaripova
"Snow Queen" by AzaliyaGaripova
"Ahhh! This work is so warm and yet so cold! It is refreshing to see gold worked into winter! The light contrast of the green on the rocks along with the deep blue sky adds a wonderful contrast to the bright pale golds and creamy whites. Her frame is perfectly sharpened and really shows how she is the focal point of the
picture.  The hazy snow also adds a lovely atmospheric movement, as if she's in the middle of a blizzard and very lightly dusting off a snowflake that cause a  mild inconvenience.

One thing I think could be slightly improved is the amount of sparkle/snow/haze. It feels a bit much, not distracting and not overpowering, just a tad cluttered.

Overall I absolutely love your submission for the contest! Congrats!"

Snow Queen by comlodge
"Snow Queen" by comlodge
"I love the vivid, aqua atmosphere in this submission. It's serene yet lively and shows that she has assertive and sassy power. I also enjoy how you added another creature into the picture and not just the Queen herself. You really did manipulate all the stock you chose for the picture, especially changing her hair and using the icey ground for the background.

Another touch I especially like is the what I believe are sequins on her dress, they're so sharp and bright, it really adds to the atmosphere. I think there could be more allusion to the background, such as more trees or shading, however, this is a wonderful work that I really enjoy looking

Congratulations for your submission!"


I had instructed the judges to make three Picks, but I like this image too much to ignore it this week.

Snow day by theheek
"Snow Day" by theheek
"I keep going back to this image to look at it for it's simplistic loveliness. The composition is extremely simple, but dynamic at the same time.  She looks down and away, coy in her angelic look. Her protector, the bear, boldly looks out at you, the viewer, intimidating, but you can see the kindness within him.

I like how the whites and gold tones are repeated in the model, the bear, and even the background.  The background has been built up nicely with photo stock and textures to create a nice environment around her--especially the bow-like arch around her head.

This is what true traditional photomanipulation is about."

ManipulateThis banner created by TheFantaSim. View original photo manipulation here:…
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comlodge Featured By Owner Edited Jan 31, 2017   Digital Artist
Thanks so much for selecting my piece and for the thoughtful feedback. Congratulations to all. Such a lovely body of work.

Thanks so much for the points and the goodies. So cool.
Elleyena-Rose Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Congratulations to all of the winners! I've loved seeing all the lovely pieces.
Mvicen Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2017
Thank you very much and congratulations to all the winners, as well as to the other participants, without doubt all the works are very good !!!!!
Branka-Johnlockian Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Congratulations to the winners :dance:
theheek Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
thank you so much for making this the founders choice I really appreciate itHug Heart 
Amanda-Kulp Featured By Owner Edited Jan 29, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Wonderful pieces! Thanks for updating us. Heart 

Congrats to everyone!
KarmaRae Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2017  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
All gorgeous pieces!!
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