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What The Group Accepts For Its Galleries

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 5, 2006, 2:09 AM
Who We Are And Who We Are Not

The Submission Policy

What The Group Accepts For Its Galleries

We Are And Have Always Been And Will Continue To Be A PHOTOMANIPULATION group.

:bulletblue:What is meant by PhotoManipulation?

:bulletwhite: As far as this group is concerned, "photomanipulations are images that have been composed of two or more photographic elements to create something new."

The definition says "two or more", but I ask you to use more  than three stocks. Why? So that we're creating more interesting photomanipulations.  

:bulletwhite: For this group, you can use in your photomanipulations, brushes, textures, some filters, and some special effects as long as the end results looks like a photomanipulation as defined above.

:bulletblue: What is meant by a Mix-Media?

:bulletwhite:According to ex-Digital Art GM, cosmosue, mix media is, "the process of creating a work using more than one form of creation. Take for example a photomanip, you are using photos and maybe some textures and/or brushes. Well take that photomanip and throw in some digital hand painting and now you have mixed more than one medium to create your work".

Return to Innocence by cosmosue Ophelia by cosmosue

This Article Is Also A Good Explanation:
Photomanipulation vs. Digital Mixed MediaWhat is this series?
The "Fix that Miscat" series has been designed to help educate deviantART members about the different galleries to which they can submit their art. Tired of submitting to a particular gallery and having your art moved to a different one? We will help minimize this occurrence by examining pairs of categories that frequently get confused and doing our best to clarify them for you.
What is a Photomanipulation?
What it is:
On deviantART, we define photomanipulation as "two or more PHOTOGRAPHIC elements that have been combined to form something NEW."
This means that:
:bulletpink: At least 2 elements must be from photographs.
:bulletpink: The result must be something new and different, distinguishable from the original.
What it is not:
:bulletpink: It does not involve 3D images, even if there are also photos involved. 
:bulletpink: A


:bulletwhite: We Now Accept Mixed Media At This Group! ONLY Photo Stock With Render Stock, Please! These Submissions Must Be Categorize  As Digital Art > Mixed Media

:bulletwhite: Doing SOME "hand work" and using "adjustments, effects" and similar, is expected.

:bulletwhite: That means, "some" Digital Painting/Airbrushing (or the use of other tools to get a painterly effects) On Top Of Photos Is Allowed to complete your PhotoManipulation. How much? A little: such as, to finish hair, make the tail of a dress look wind blown, create grass, clear up blemishes on the skin, and such.

:bulletwhite:Yes, I will no longer accept any deviation that are really  straight forward painting techniques over the entire photo stock.

If you want to participate in one of our challenges, and you're basically a digital painter, why not challenge yourself to do a strict Traditional Photomanipulation? After all, that's what this group is about, challenging yourself and learning something new.

Edited: 10-3-13
About Cutout (png.) Files:

Due to the problems that have arise about the use of cut outs, I'm  really cracking down on challenge entries and gallery submissions that are also using stock from suspicious sources. </font>

:bulletwhite: I wrote about it TWICE here at the group (although I cannot find the link to the first post about it), and now I've expanded the information at my art account journal. Please read because it's very important and affects all of us.

For Photomanipulators: A Talk About Cut OutsWe all should be in the position that we don't want to support any thief at deviantArt. Thief is not only in the form of lifting someone's deviation or stock and calling it their own. Thief also includes lifting photos from the internet, calling it their own, and posting it at dA for us to download as stock.  We should not support such theft at dA.
:bulletorange:How can you tell if the cut outs are legitimate?
Well, the simplest way is to read the stock providers description of the stock. Usually, it can be  either in their Rules or with the stock itself.  Certain stock providers accounts are always going to be "safe" places because you become familiar with their stock and their personal practices. Such as with  annewipf.  At her stock account, HermitCrabStock, she plainly states that  her stock are from her own photographs and that she did the cut outs herself.
:bulletorange:What about the suspicious stock acco

In addition, our member,  Anne-Wipf, has gather some trustworthy stocks with png file.

Precut Stock Providers who Name their SourcesEven if most of the precut stock providers are sincere, and only use their own resources... they don't often tell it! :( So, it is very hard to know who makes abusive precut stock pictures or not.
I would like to encourage every stock provider to name his sources (even if they are his own).
You'll find here the precut stock providers I found who always name their sources, as you can see they are not very numerous. I hope that every photomapulators will find it useful and that many other precut stock providers will join the move. :D
I'm sad to see that many of the best precut stock providers I know and who offer they own stock didn't take the time to TELL IT! So, alas, they will not be selected in this list. I hope they'll do in the future and the list will grow.
Alphabetic order.
ALZ-STOCK :iconalz-stock:

:bulletwhite: Please report any strange looking stock accounts. I just found a new account right before I edited this, and between two of us, we were easily able to find seven photos on the web.

If you have any questions please write to me at the group.

ManipulateThis banner created by TheFantaSim. View original photo manipulation here:…
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