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Solar Gods Picks Of The Week!

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 12, 2017, 5:19 PM
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Hello Members!

I'm a little late with the Picks Of The Week for our "Solar Gods" challenge, but I want to explain something before I post them.

We, at ManipulateThis, have challenges where members are expected to participate and follow the challenge requirements.  We do this for Four Big Reasons:
:star: So That Everyone Is Doing The Same Basic Thing;
:star: To See How Different And Creative Each Member Can Be Doing The Same Thing;
:star: To Make It Easier For The Judges To Judge (Because They Are Comparing And Contrasting ONLY The Ones
      Following The Challenge Requirements).
:star: Entries Will Not Win Simply Because They Are Outlandishly Different.

There were two entries that, as traditional photomanipulations, were fantastic images, but unfortunately, the members did not follow the challenge requirements, therefore, I'm sorry, but they could not be a pick.

So, everyone, please remember, ask if you do not understand the requirements and follow the example(s).

Even if we've never did  a particular challenge before and I don't have examples from my gallery, I always show at least one to give you a straight up  visual of what the challenge is about.



Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

I want to thank our Guest Judge, Reddawgi, and Staff Member, supersnappz16 , for helping select this week's Picks.

Also, thank you to all who participated, making this a successful challenge.  Every participant will receive a small "Thank You” Gift a small Exclusive Stock, and those who are our Picks Of The Week will receive something very special.

If you have any questions as to why your entry wasn't a pick for this challenge, simply send a Note to the group and I'll be happy to respond.



Mercury, the Messenger by ToRi-V
"Mercury, the Messenger" by ToRi-V
"ToRi-V doesn't have many photomanipulations in her gallery, but I see several successful digital painting images in her gallery telling me that she knows a lot about composition, and that definitely shows up in this image. This is a beautiful image, everything is lit well, and she is ready to move up to Level 3 for our group. "

Mars - God of Communications by cazcastalla
"Mars - God of Communications" by cazcastalla
"As a image, I like the left hand side featuring Mars very much, but I must admit that, over all, the composition is a little off balance. Even though the one planet makes the eye move back to Mars, there's nothing interesting to make my eye go in a more circle motion to move around the image. Still, if I concentrate on the left hand side, there is enough to keep me looking.  I think the nebula was a bad choice for the other colors? Sometimes in compositions we have to decide if the original background is right for our needs."


Pluto by Julianez
"Pluto" by Julianez
"This manip is chock full of visual interest. The many images included portray an excellent example of the god's area of rulership-the underworld. Also, the model chosen is a good fit and has been altered significantly  to accurately work with the concept. Finally, the elements are blended with skill. Great job!"

Venus and the galaxy-Venus y la galaxia by Mvicen
"Venus and the Galaxy" by Mvicen
"The representation of Venus here is an interesting one. The veils added give a sense that her area of rule encompasses all worlds. I like too, the added elements such as the texture and the hair. It's no easy task to make hair look realistic on a statue. The statue has been colorized to look like a living being which also makes this a stand out for me. Nice work. "

Venus-Goddess of Love by Renata-s-art
"Venus-Goddess of Love" by Renata-s-art
"What a clever idea the artist has imagined, having the goddess wrapped in a "blanket" of the cosmos. The shooting "stars" are almost a pun of another shooting "something" that a goddess of Love would be in charge of. (At least that's my take on those elements. :p) The alteration of the model to better fit the theme works well. The hair has been altered so that the lighting on the right side is brighter it seems, because that side faces the sun. I like that. All in all, well done manip."


God Of The Sky by amethystmoonsong
"God Of The Sky" by amethystmoonsong
"This scene really does have a Greek / Roman god feel to it. Very impressive light and shadows too. Nice creation of ambiance."

The Delivery by TheFantaSim
"The Delivery" by TheFantaSim
"I really like the flaming sun, and the way that the god is jumping away from the planet. You have shown the movement well. Very dramatic scene."

Venus In Repose by aaTmaHira
"Venus In Repose" by aaTmaHira
"She certainly looks like a beautiful goddess. I particularly like the concept of her sitting on top of planetary opposite. Which it’s self is coming out of a shell. I get the feeling of newness and innocence from this scene


"This deviation could not be part of the challenge because Saturn is the God Of War, but Saturn the Planet does not appear in the image. Still, I wanted to feature it with the Picks because it is an absolutely involving, fantastic image."

ManipulateThis banner created by TheFantaSim. View original photo manipulation here:…
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ToRi-V Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2017   Digital Artist
Thank you so much for PICKing my Mercury! I am a dummy! 
I will work towards having more photomanipulations in my gallery. I've missed the Vintage Valentine Theme Challenge, but I do intend to take part in Doppelgänger.

Congratulations to all the winners!
cazcastalla Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2017
Thank you - and many thanks to the judge for the constructive criticism - very gratefully received, and I will bear the comments in mind for future projects :w00t:
Mvicen Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2017
Thank you very much for being one of the chosen ..... my congratulations to all the elect and my applause to all participants .....
amethystmoonsong Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2017   Photographer
Bravo ! by KmyGraphic  
Julianez Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2017
Thank you very much for the prize, Congratulations to the other winners. :)
Energiaelca1 Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much for the mention. Much apreciateHeart Heart Hug 
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