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Over The Horizons Contest!

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 3, 2016, 3:40 PM
Who We Are And Who We Are Not

The Submission Policy

What The Group Accepts For Its Galleries


Hello everyone and welcome!

We Start Our Contest TODAY!

I know that the information below seems like a lot, but I only do this to be sure that ALL of you are doing the same thing to give you more chances to win in your skill level. I really think "open" contests are not fair; usually, only those with advance photomanipulation skills win. Not here! You ALL have the chance to win some great stuff!

:bulletred: BEFORE YOU GET STARTED ON YOUR ENTRY: Let Me Take This Time To Remind You Of Something VERY Important :bulletred:

There are more and more pre-cut out stock for us to use now; AND there are a many more stock accounts that have 3D Rendered stock.  

We at ManipulateThis are Traditional Photomanipulators who use photo stock, unless I say it's a 3D Rendered Challenge or if it's okay to Mix Media; that is, use Photo Stock with 3D Rendered stock.

You will find many good looking 3D Rendered stock that look like photos, so BE CAREFUL! ONLY Photo Stock For This Contest, PLEASE, Or I Will Not Accept Your Entry!!!!</b>

Our New Contest

Our new contest was voted on by our members. It is a called  "Over The Horizons" </b > and it features the building/structure/house stock by a variety of stock providers.

:bulletblue:DUE DATE: Friday, May 13th

Please watch the Countdown Clock on our HOME page for the exact time of the due date in your area. Late entries will be added to the gallery but will not be accepted for the competition.

:bulletblue: THEME: Yes, You're Creating A Landscape; However, Since This Is A Contest, The Expectations For This Landscape Is Different And Higher.  Please pay close attention to the information under THIS IS WHAT WE'RE DOING section below.

:bulletblue: JUDGES: There Are Three Sets Of Judging So That More Members Can Be Winners!

:star:Best Of Show Award Guest Judges: The Best Of Show Is Chosen From The Level 3 And Level 4 Entries. Our Guest Judges Are Current CV Of Photomanipulation, ErikShoemaker; Member/Former CV/Founder Of iManipulate, Emerald-Depths; And, Our Long Time Supporter,dofaust.

If A Clear Winner Is Not Found Through Their Choices, A Special Guest Judge Will Be Named At A Later Time To Make The Final Decision.

:star:Place Awards Judges: All First, Second, And Third Place Awards For Each Skill Level Will Be Voted On By Members Using A Ballot Vote.

:star:Founder Awards: Any Entry I Deem Worthy Of Recognition That Did Not Get A Place Award.

:bulletblue: PRIZE PACKS: Current Prize Packs Are Listed In A Separate Section Below. More will be added as I hear from our members,  affiliates. and friends.

:bulletblue:ENTRIES: You Can Enter Twice. See Below On How To Enter When Your Photomanipulation Is Completed.

</font> If you've never created a landscape before, there will be tutorials available next week to help guide you.


:bulletwhite:You Are Creating A Landscape That Has The Illusion Of A Very Far Away Horizon.

That is, when someone views your photomanipulation, they should have the sense that they are looking hundreds of miles out to the horizon where the end of the earth meets the sky.

This Is Very Important! It's What I And The Judges Will Be Looking For!


Grey Skies by TheFantaSim   Bark Love-Love Bark by TheFantaSim


La fin de l'hiver by Fant0me     The Castle by TheFantaSim

There Will Be Tutorials Posted To Help You Get The Right Illusion In Your Entry, And This Journal Will Be Updated With The Links.

:bulletwhite: Your Landscape Must Be "Built"; meaning, you're creating it, literally from the ground up. You Cannot Start With A Pre-Made Background And Edit It!

I can't tell you how many individual stocks you should use, because it's simply determined by your theme and what you want to do. Just Keep In Mind That This Is A Contest; Even If You're A Beginner, You Need To Do The Best You've Ever Done. And If You're Advance, Your Entry MUST LOOK ADVANCE!

:bulletwhite:You Have Your Choice Of THEME For Your Landscape: Super Realism, Fantasy, Dark, Seasonal, Surreal, Abstract.  As long as we can tell that it's a landscape with a deep sense of space, you're okay.

:bulletwhite: You Must Add Your Choice Of ONE Building/House/Ruin/Temple In Your Entry From The REQUIRED STOCK Found Below. Where you place the Required Building is your choice.

:bulletwhite: Since This Is A Contest, I'd Like To See More Of The Same Type Of Building From The Required Stock In Your Entry. How Many More Is Your Choice And They Do Not Have To Be From The REQUIRED STOCK List.

:bulletblue: SUGGESTION: Go to the stock account of the Building/House/Ruin/Temple that you chose, and look for other structures that matches to add to your entry.

:bulletblue: For assistance, I also include a list of stock accounts and groups where you can download great legitimate and unrestricted stock to complete your entry.

:bulletwhite: There Are To Be NO MODEL STOCK! You're strictly creating a landscape.

:bulletwhite: You Can Add Appropriate Animal(s) Or Bird(s) In The Air, but ONLY if you know how to add them into your deviation properly (so that they are grounded and look like they belong, not like they are stuck into the  image). Otherwise, Avoid Them.

View From The Balcony by TheFantaSim   In The Wild by TheFantaSim

:bulletblue:And If You Do Use Animals And/Or Birds, Don't Overcrowd Them.  The One With The Wild Animals Is Simply Because Of The Theme Of The Deviation.

This Example Has A Much More Frugal Use Of Animals That Adds To The Image, Not Take Away And Overcrowd:

Remember: We Are Artist Who Use Photomanipulation As Our Medium.  You CAN And SHOULD:
:bulletblue: Make sure that the direction of your Light is consistent through out your Landscape.

:bulletblue: Edit a stock as you need to for the final result that you want. Landscapes are generally pieced together from several stocks, but you're still not stock with what you find.

:bulletblue: Use Brushes, Textures, Special Techniques And A Little Show Of Special Effects To Enhance Your Over All Image.

:bulletblue: Create a dynamic Scene, no matter your Theme!

In other words,  

We Are FINE ARTIST! Remember:

:bulletblue:  BE CREATIVE! It’s more than simply sticking one stock into a background stock!


Okay, Now That We've Covered The Basics Of The Contest, HERE Are Your Choices For The Required Stock.  If You Do More Than One Entry, Please Change The Required Stock:

Links To UnRestricted Legitimate Stock

Recommended Art Accounts With Unrestricted Stock:











Be Aware That A Group May Include Preminum Stock





:bulletblue: SPECIAL NOTE: Our Wonderful Affiliate :devhermitcrabstock Does Ask For 10 Points For Each Stock Download; However, She Will Reimburse You After You've Notified Her.  


I want to thank our affiliates, members, and friends who are currently sponsoring the group's contest with a variety of prizes. However, I'm still accepting donations to make the prize packs even bigger and better!

I Do Hate To Beg, But We Really Could Use MORE:

:bulletblue: POINTS (I know it's really money, but there they are easy to give and so useful, and everyone loves getting them!):…

If you are unable to donate points, some non-monetary prizes include:
:bulletwhite: A personal deviation
:bulletwhite: A personal wallpaper
:bulletwhite: A custom CSS.  

:bulletred: If you can donate one of the above or have something else that you would like to add to the prize packs, please, please, please comment on this poll:…  :bulletred:


:star: BEST OF SHOW :star:

:bulletyellow:  Four Hand-Made Greeting Cards By TheFantaSim
:bulletyellow:  A Small Print From The deviantArt Print Store
:bulletyellow:  500 Points
:bulletyellow:  An Exclusive Pre-Made Background by Emerald-Depths
:bulletyellow:  An Exclusive Pre-Made Background by HermitCrabStock
:bulletyellow:  An Exclusive Stock Pack From PirateLotus-Stock
:bulletyellow:  An Exclusive Stock Pack From Null-Entity
:bulletyellow:  All Other Premium And Exclusive Stock Packs From Stock Providers Listed Below
:bulletyellow:  Features


:bulletyellow: A Customized Personal Deviation By TheFantaSim
:bulletyellow: 300 Points
:bulletyellow: An Exclusive Pre-Made Background by HermitCrabStock
:bulletyellow: An Exclusive Stock Pack From PirateLotus-Stock
:bulletyellow: Five Premium And Exclusive Stock Packs From Stock Providers As Listed Below
:bulletyellow: Features


:bulletyellow: 200 Points
:bulletyellow: An Exclusive Pre-Made Background by HermitCrabStock
:bulletyellow: Four Premium And Exlusive Stock Packs From Stock Providers As Listed Below
:bulletyellow: Features


:bulletyellow: 100 Points
:bulletyellow: An Exclusive Pre-Made Background by HermitCrabStock
:bulletyellow: Three Premium And Exlusive Stock Packs From Stock Providers As Listed Below
:bulletyellow: Features

:star: FOUNDER AWARDS :star:

:bulletyellow: An Exclusive Pre-Made Background by TheFantaSim
:bulletyellow: One Exclusive Stock Pack That Is NOT One From The Other Prize Packs
:bulletyellow: One Exclusive Stock Pack From Stock Provider As Listed Below
:bulletyellow: Features

:star: Stock Packs From Stock Providers As Listed Below: :star:
TheFantaSim, kuschelirmel-stock, Sugar-Sugar-Bee, EveBlackwoodStock, Mom-EsPeace,
marphilhearts, steppelandstock, CathleenTarawhiti, and BVFoto  (this list is still growing)

:star: WINNERS PACKAGE FROM  AnotherContestGroup


:bulletwhite:  Pleaser follow the Submission Policy found here:

:bulletwhite: In side of your Artist Comments box, please include the statement: An entry into the "Over The Horizon " challenge at ManipulateThis.  

Also include our avatar so that visitors will link back to the group.  You can also include a thumb to this journal if you like.

:bulletwhite: Since we group our Challenge and Contest entries according to skill level, please indicate if you are a Level 2 (Beginner), Level 3 (Intermediate), or Level 4 (Advance) member. If you're really unsure or confused about your skill level, please send a note to the group and I will help you decide.

:bulletred: No Having One Entry In One Level, And One In A Different Level For The Same Contest!

:bulletred: Please give your entry a unique name, not simply the name of the contest. Your art is unique, and so should be your title.

:bulletred: Submit your entry from its original art page by using the "Add To A Group" link. Submit into the FEATURED folder.

:bulletblue: Your entry will receive comments from the ManipulateThis staff.   These are positive helpful comments.  If you would like a complete critique with helpful suggestions, simply state so in your comments.

:bulletblue: Please, no arguing or acting childish over our comments. We're only trying to help you with your deviation. You can accept what we say, or leave it, but unruly behavior can result in you being banned from the group.  


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to post below this journal, send a Note to the group, or send me a personal note to my art account; and I'll be happy to look at your entry before you submit.

Good Luck On The Contest, Everyone!, but most of all Have Some Fun!


ManipulateThis banner created by TheFantaSim. View original photo manipulation here:…
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annemaria48 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
My entry The nature
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not sure which level? it is
TheFantaSim Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2016   General Artist
Haven't you been competing as an intermediate? 
theheek Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
I haven't been sure which level...................ill try to redo it keeping everything you said in mind.............
CrystalE86 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
My entry Im hope is ok
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It had been approved by one of the staff. I just took a look at it. Great job!
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Hello~ :iconlucywaveplz::iconrainbowsparkleplz:

Thank you for submitting your contest into our New Directory over at AnotherContestGroup.

We're here to feature contests like yours so more people can find it. This is free, but donations to ACG-PointsDonations are very much welcome! ^3^

We also offer a Winner's Package and do poll features for contests. You can find everything about those in our FAQ journal. If you'd like to be a Group Admin like me, our FAQ journal covers that, too!

This is so exciting! I hope you get awesome entries for this~ :icon34nipahplz:
Please let us know if you changed the deadline or cancelled this contest, okay?

Regards!~ :iconanothercontestgroup: :iconacg-pointsdonations: and :iconsundayanarchy:

p.s. DO NOT hide this comment please! It alerts ACG admins that this contest has already been listed. Thank you dear!
Pristy Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Thank you so much for adding  one of my picture for the required stock ,i iam very happy :-)
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I'll include it in the next manip newsletter and in CRPhotomanipulation's contest box :)
TheFantaSim Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2016   General Artist
Thank you!
chelloenix-stock Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
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You're welcome! Glad that I found it. :D
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