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THE NEW How The Group Works

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 5, 2010, 10:40 AM
New Group Format--Updated 11-2-14

Hello members, old and new!

Beginning today, we've moved from a  Challenge/Contest group format,  to an :bulletgreen: Open submission With Bi-Weekly Challenges :bulletgreen: group format.

What does that mean? read the following revised group procedures and rules  below.

How The Group Works--Submissions

ManipulateThis The Group  Is  Now Opened  For Submissions.  Below  Are  The  Submission  Rules And Guidelines:

:bulletblack: Deviations that are either Traditional Photomanipulations or Mixed Media are accepted.. If your deviation started off as stock, and then you painted on top, it's a Mixed Media. If you mix stock photos with 3D Renders, then it's a Mixed Media.

There are three folders in the gallery for the general submissions, one for Beginners (Level 2), for Intermediates (Level 3), and for Advance (Level 4). 

This is how the levels are defined here at ManipulateThis:

:bulletgreen: Level 2. Beginner: You're no longer Novice, but you still have a lot to learn. Your concepts and execution need some improvement, but you're getting a handle on how to use your paint program and you've improved from your earlier deviations.

:bulletgreen: Level 3. Intermediate: Your concepts and execution have improved tremendously. It no longer takes hours to create a deviation because you now understand how to use your paint program to do what you want it to do. Your deviations have improved from the ones you were creating at Level 2.

:bulletgreen: Level 4. Advance: You may not feel like you're Advance, but for our group, if you've gone beyond the Intermediate level, you're ready for Advance.

However, if I feel you're level 2 deviation is really a level 3, or a level 3 member is ready to be bumped up to level 4, I will contact you.

:bulletred: Absolutely No Submitting Deviations under different levels from submission to submission.

If we feel that your deviation doesn't quite look like a certain Level to us, we will not accept. Of course, you are welcome to ask  why. We don't mind helping you, but we will not respond to anything rude or sarcastic. If you're the "all and all" in the Photomanipulation community, then do everythin g you want at your personal art account.

Please be sure to submit to the right folder!!

:bulletgreen: We have over 900 members, but not all of them receive the group's journal and they will not know that the group submission rules has change. Therefore, your SUBMISSIONS ARE UNLIMITED.

:bulletgreen: HOWEVER, the staff and I are going to be EXTREMELY PICKY about what we do and do not accept for the general submission galleries. We're looking for:

:bulletblack: Deviations that  follow the group's submission rules, as well as having:

1) A Good composition;
2) Good planning and using the art elements and principals well;
3) Using different manipulation resources;
4) Blending elements smoothly together;
5) Using additional styles and elements that were taught in the group;
6) More going on for it than simply special effects;  
7) And of course, creativity and originality.

:bulletblack: ALL STOCK --INCLUDING CUTOUTS, TEXTURES, PERSONAL, AND OFF SITE RESOURCES--MUST BE GIVEN CREDIT AND LISTED WITH LINKS TO THE STOCK, ETC.!! If we're unsure, or the stock is obviously not being credited, we won't accept.

No overly gruesome image. l will not accept horror and gore nor images that shows a child in any sort of danger.  I have the right to decline any deviation for content.

:bulletgreen:  Mild nudity is all right, at my discretion.

:bulletred: I have the right to decline any deviation for content. .

How The Group Works--The Challenges

You have the option to participate in any group Challenge that you like and still submit something to the general submissions.

All entry in any current challenge will be up for   "The Picks Of The Week" gifts that includes features as well as exclusive stock.

:bulletgreen: A new challenge is announced every Monday.

The challenges are always "Colored" based with one "photo stock", meaning:

:bulletgreen: There will be a "list of objects, models, etc."  for you to select the one you will use in your challenge entry. There is NO ONE required he photo stock or rendered images.

:bulletgreen: HOWEVER, the color for the challenge must be the prominent primary color of your entry.   The stock is there because, well, there's got to be a way to challenge you, don't you agree? (after all, we're still ManipulateThis :D )

:bulletgreen: In addition, your entry can be of any style that you like, as long as the challenge color is the primary and the focus color, and something from the challenge stock list is being used.

:bulletgreen:   The Challenges will always end on the Sunday before the next challenge begins, and the Picks Of The Week will be announced the following Thursday.

:bulletgreen: Entries will be judged with members of the same Level. If there is only one from a level, that entry will receive a complete critique.

As with your regular submissions to the general gallery, the judges are looking for:

:bulletblack: The entry that is following the rules of the group. (Know The Rules, Requirements And Expectations!)

:bulletblack: The entry with the additional stock that fits their main theme. (Avoid One Stock Paste Into a Background).

:bulletblack: The entry with the best execution according to the level that has been covered above, including:  
1) Good composition;
2) The use of art elements;
3) Using different manipulation resources;
4) elements of the manip blending smoothly together;
5) Using additional styles and elements that were taught in the group;
6) And of course, creativity and originality.

:bulletred: I have the right to decline any deviation for content. .

Basic Challenge Rules

:bulletgreen: Using anything  that you've learned in the group will get you a bunch of brownie points. Check out, and make sure you understand, the following tutorials and/or walk through that relates to this group:

"Scene Versus Design"

"Creating Space And Depth - Part 1"

"Short  Tutorial-Textures",

"Tutorial Colorizing Painting BW Stock",

"Autumn Landscape Walkthrough",

"The Elements And Principles Of Design".

:bulletgreen: Don't forget the rules about "cut out" stocks. THIS will get your deviation sent back to you or place into the non-competitive category.…

:bulletgreen: All entries for any challenge or contest must be at least 1280 x 960 and able to be downloaded. This is so the Judges can get a close look at your entry. You can always make it smaller after the challenge/congest

Group Rules

:bulletblack: Only members can participate in group activities.

:bulletblack: Only the Feature Moderator can suggest Favorites.

:bulletblack: All entries, for general submission or the bi-weekly challenge, will receive comments, but all deviations will be accepted, except for any that do not follow the procedures as stated above. If an above requirement or expectation is not followed, then the deviation will be decline with out a reason why.

:bulletblack: Any model stock, required or not, must be the central point of the image with any other stock from the stock pool.

:bulletblack: You must give credit and notify the stock artist that you've used their stock. NO EXCEPTIONS!  Of course, you must read their rules first. Sometimes the stock artist does require that you leave a note that you've used their stock

:bulletblack: When selecting the level you want to participate under  make sure that it is the right level for your ability as a manipulator. New members MUST use the level that is given to them at the time that they joined.

I can't think of any other rules, requirements, or expectation I need to have for the group, but keep in mind that this page  can be edited at any time. Okay? But most of you have been participating on a regular basis and you know the rules so I don't think this will be a big problem.

Don't let any of this scare you. It seems like a lot, but it really isn't. If you forget something about the requirements and expectation, just refer back to this page.  If you're confused and need some clarification, then send a note to the group and I'll be happy to respond.


Now go have fun creating interesting, exquisite, well executed photomanipulations to show off that you're a member of ManipulateThis!


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