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Picks from the Blue Sky Challenge!

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 19, 2015, 11:33 PM
Star + Dangles Divider (BlueGray) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

:iconmanipulatethis: ManipulateThis :iconmanipulatethis:

Star + Dangles Divider (BlueGray) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

There were seventeen entries to the "Blue Sky" Challenge! Here are the picks from the three judges:

Fairyland by Seiorai
Blue heart and silver chain border by AudraMBlackburnsArt

My Path by kicah

My Path by kicah 
This is an exceptionally lovely deviation filled with symbolism. The two angels both guard the entrance to heaven and welcome the newly departed. A long pathway leads through soft clouds to a gleaming finale. Whether that glow is from the sun or from God, it's not certain. The woman on the walkway seems eager to continue her journey. Beautiful color palette and soft blending.

Divider Xmas snowflakes by Lucinhae

take it ..... by naradjou14

Take It by naradjou14 
With its unique perspective and its bright colors, naradjou14's depiction of the sky is very eye-catching, and it focuses not only on the blue sky and clouds, but also refers to the sky as Heaven.

Divider Xmas snowflakes by Lucinhae

Sky Sprites the Twins by Reddawgi

Sky Sprites the Twins by Reddawgi 
This sky-focused manipulation is a breath of winter fresh air with its white winter fairies. Their dance and the sparkles surrounding them make the composition very dynamic.

Divider Xmas snowflakes by Lucinhae

Concoursbluesky3 by roserika

Concoursbluesky3 by roserika 
This artist has created a magical, joyful piece in this creation. I note that she has done an excellent job in transforming the model's dress into part of the skyscape. I like too how the balloon/bubbles mirror each other in shape. ie. Finally, elements and palette are well blended. 

Divider Xmas snowflakes by Lucinhae
Sky in the room - Il cielo in una stanza by doclicio

Sky in the Room - II cielo in una stanza by doclicio 

I dig the surreal/fantasy world this manip shows us. We are treated to a swan entering through a mythical doorway, whilst a fae type girl blows kisses (or so it appears) to a fleeing bird. The artist has handled perspective well and blended her elements seamlessly. Fine job!

Divider Xmas snowflakes by Lucinhae
Sky Blue by Akira-Miyashi

Sky Blue
by Akira-Miyashi

I'm drawn to the whimsy and sense of abandonment created by the artist in this work. She mentions seeking to create a "magical feeling" through this piece and has accomplished her goal. The perspective is right on, and the element of the free flying kite finishes the scene perfectly. Well done!

Divider Xmas snowflakes by Lucinhae
Head in the clouds by robhas1left

Head in the Clouds
by robhas1left 

This is such a creative use of the "Blue Sky" theme, surrounding the floating world both above and below. The concept is unusual with an element one doesn't usually see in a "fantasy" type of manip (the teepee.) I like the sense of isolation and peace found here. The perspective and elements are well done as well. All in all a fine piece. Good job!

Blue heart and silver chain border by AudraMBlackburnsArt

Challenge at ManipulateThis: Dinner! Clarification

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 17, 2015, 3:09 PM
Purple Hearts Lace by AngelicHellraiser

:iconmanipulatethis: ManipulateThis :iconmanipulatethis:

Purple Hearts Lace by AngelicHellraiser

Get Ready for This!

I ADORE 2/2 Unlimited :nuu: (sowrry... no how to do backwards 2 :giggle:)

Ahem... on to the new challenge

Winter divider by KnifeInToaster
EDIT: Remember this is a general challenge ~ pick any stocks you like as long as they are posted on deviantART, and 3D stocks are acceptable to use (the deviation would be classified as a "mixed media" if regular and 3D stocks are used in the same deviation). Also, the deviation doesn't need models. It can just be a dinner layout. The deviation could actually have fantasy characters or even animals chowing down! There has only been one entry so far, so this is a reminder that the challenge has a wide-interpretation, and perhaps not as difficult as first perceived :aww:

The theme is DINU (as my grandniece would say when she was a wee girl)! Oh, dang it, DINNER IS ON!

:PizzaParty: Fun cake Food Emoji-02 (Short Cake) Fromage Connoisseur fella (Badges) I'm hungry...Get in my belly!  yummy :greatmeal: x.Burgeh Chippi 04 Eating collection . 

Strawberry cake divider by dororoandkururuFast Food Divider by Wi-Fu

What do you think of when you think "Let's Eat"? A sit-down dinner with family in the dining room? A booth at a local restaurant? A fancy dining experience? A picnic at the park? A romantic dinner for two in the bedroom, hotel room, out-of-the-way beach restaurant or sitting at a tall bar table in a darken corner? Can you just picture Vikings at a long wooden table tearing at a leg of lamp with their teeth (or what is left of them) and hoisting their ale in a toast to the busty barmaid? Or how about dinner at the Round Table in the land of Camelot? Whatever your idea is about chowing down a meal the group wants to see it :squee:

Star + Dangles Divider (BlueGray) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

This challenge can be either a straight Photomanipution or a Mixed Media 

There is NO LIMIT!!

Success fella (Reactions) What You Can Do With Your Interpretation of the Challenge!!

A Few Simple Rules:

:bulletblue: Please only use readily available stock provided by deviantART Stock Providers.
:bulletblue: Please State in the Artist Description What Level to Which You are Entering: Level 2 (beginner), Level 3 (Intermediate) or Level 4 (Advanced).
:bulletblue: State in the Artist Description that the Entry is for the "Dinner Challenge" at ManipulateThis.
:bulletblue: You Can Enter Two Entries. One Can be a Photomanipulation and One Can be a Mixed Media or both entries can be of one or the other.
:bulletblue: Make Sure EVERY Stock has a Direct Link to the Stock Itself. If Your Own Resources are Used, Please State so in the Artist Description.
:bulletblue: Use Any deviantART Available Stock! Please Follow the Rules of the Stock Artist!
:bulletblue: Um, a Second Thought ~ NO Cannabalism! I just came across way too many such deviations during a search for dinner PMs :bleh:
:bulletblue: Please Submit to the "Dinner Challenge" Folder!
:bulletblue: End Date ~ Around March 15th (let's face it... I'm old :granny:... I guarantee I'll forget the end date until a day or two later... when the folder is closed to submissions the challenge will then be "officially" over and sent to the judges)


Google Images are NOT Stock Stamp by poserfanBe aware of Copyright - Stamp by gild-a-stock Google is NOT an artist by LightConcorde

Divider I by RBSRdesigns
Basic Group Rules and Information :below:

THE NEW How The Group Works 

Small Snowflake Divider - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

Idle Fella - Featured and Favourites (Reactions) The (only) Two Examples of "Having a Dinner Deviation" (I could find after 45 minutes or scrolling using a variety of keywords :paranoid:):

Dinner by Alimera Invitation for dinner by ik-ben-10eke 

:ohmygod: When Searching for "Dinner" Manips all I Could Think of was "Holy Copyright Batman" Due to the Plethora of Screenshots... then there were the staggering amounts of miscats Face Palm + Now PLZ  

Candle Divider o1 by AngelicHellraiser
black divider by ToxiceStea

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Welcome To ManipulateThis!

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We've been together for over 6 years as a Challenge/Contest group, and now we accept submission to our General Gallery Folders.


Thanks For Being A Member! I'm Looking Forward To Seeing Your First submissions!



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Countdown to "Dinner" Challenge

Sunday, March 15th @ 9:00am

:bulletblue: The "Dinner" Challenge!

:shamrock: Good Luck to you all!!

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Hi all... and Happy New year! I have been away from deviantArt for far too long - do we still have contests going on?
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