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Bi-weekly Photomanip Challenges

It's been a long while since we've had a poll just to chat. So let's go! Question: Where are you From? (don't forget to make a comment) 

16 deviants said Otrher European Country
9 deviants said U.S. Eastern or Northern- Including Alaska
7 deviants said U.S. South West or West
4 deviants said British Isles
3 deviants said Any other Asian Country
2 deviants said Mexico or South America
1 deviant said Canada
1 deviant said Australia or New Zealand
No deviants said Japan or China
No deviants said Spain or Portugal

Current Challenge

Red Hot Summer Picks!

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 18, 2014, 10:48 AM
Good Morning Members!

Finally, the staff and I have made up our and I can now announce the top picks for the "Red Hot Summer" Challenge.

:bulletgreen: Before we look the at the final entries, I want to remind you about our current challenge.

"The Days Of Orange", which emphasizes the color orange (like you didn't know), is due on September 28. Don't
pay attention to the poster on the home page, it has the wrong date and I was too lazy to change it. So you have plenty of time.  Here are three from the journal. I'm not saying they are the best, they are simply random:

The heart of Autumn by Elsapret  The lady of Ossenisse by Wimmeke63  Wonderland by rgmendesa

Remember, you can do "anything" you want (surreal, conceptual, realistic, abstract)
in any theme you want (fantasy, steam punk, whimsical, etc.). I hope more of you will join in and
participate. That's why we're all here, right? I'm even going to take some time off
to create my own entry.


Yes, this is longer than the usual 2 week long challenge. Next month is Halloween, and I didn't want to try to stick another challenge one before October, because, you see, I love Halloween. And I'm going to try to pass that  on to YOU!

Oh, wait, one more thing: I was the one who started giving stock as little "gifts" to show my appreciation to the members who really take the group, and the challenge, seriously. I came up with stock "gifts" because, we ARE (after all) photomanipulators. If members want to donate some points, that would be nice. Still, please, enjoy the choices of gifts that are available to you as  we say, "thank you for being a great member".

NOW let's Finally Look At The Picks From The "Red Hot Summer" Challenge.</b>

here were only a few entries, so each Judge Moderator, and myself, picked one entry each.

Pick One:

Dress lightly for a red hot day by Maneku

"Dress lightly for a red hot day" by Maneku

"Maneku manipulated all the elements of nature that we love about summer : the flowers, the lake, the sunset...all of this in a bright red color that makes us feel warm one last time before the cold arrives. Even if the weed at the foreground are a little too dark, the burnt pixels could be considered as an additional reference to heat. The image is also well-composed, the circle emphasizes the sunset which is a nice touch."

Pick Two:

Red Hot Summer by annewipf

"Red Hot Summer" by annewipf

"Without a doubt, this deviation is "Red Hot"! Not just with the true red color used but via the steamy interaction of the couple as well, who seem to be doing the Tango in the Poppy Field. If the woman just had a red rose clenched between her teeth it would like many Tangos I've seen. Beautifully done, I found this entry to fit the challenge perfectly."

Pick Three:

The Gentlemen's Club by thefantasim

"Gentleman's Club"

This deviation has it all – heat, red, and originality.  There is lots of detail and over-all
pleasing composition.  Interesting use of the same model twice.

Pick Four:

Burning Memories by Reddawgi

"Burning Memories" by Reddawgi

"I don't know quite why I love this deviation so much. For one thing, there is a figure
perfectly chosen for this theme, how the different Textures go in and out, and over here
creating such a dynamic Image. I guess that's why I love this image so much. "

Pick Five:

Midsummer's Night by Nolamom3507

"Midsummer's Night" by Nolamom3507

Absolutely wonderful stock to put together to create what looks like a sorceress in the temples taking on a power from the beings she phrases. Look at the on her face...she is anxiously waiting for her mighty sorcerer.   Then, she has a figure leaning on a temple. Is she tide up to be a sacrifice? Is the dragon looking after the victim? There really is a lot to see, and the heavy use of the color red just add to the striking look of this image.

Affilate Stock Feature #50

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 17, 2014, 10:23 AM
Hello and Welcome to our affiliate stock feature for the month of August 2014. I am pleased to showcase these amazing stock images.

:icon10eke-stock: 10eke-stock

Dingen 069 by 10eke-stock Dingen 070 by 10eke-stock Dingen 073 by 10eke-stock

:iconcathleentarawhiti: CathleenTarawhiti  

Country Lass set 3 by CathleenTarawhiti God Bowling by CathleenTarawhiti

:iconelandria: Elandria

A Gilded Cage This is Not UNRESTRICTED by Elandria A Greater Span 03 UNRESTRICTED by Elandria A Greater Span 01 UNRESTRICTED by Elandria Endess Unless it Ends 01 UNRESTRICTED by Elandria Every Which Way 04 UNRESTRICTED by Elandria Stay a While UNRESTRICTED by Elandria Silvered Reflections 02 UNRESTRICTED by Elandria Fairy Bower 02 UNRESTRICTED by Elandria Fairy Bower 03 UNRESTRICTED by Elandria Pink and Blue 06 UNRESTRICTED by Elandria No Lock Nor Key Nor Garden Gate 03 RESTRICTED by Elandria Hidden at my Heart RESTRICTED by Elandria

:iconeledhwen-stock: Eledhwen-Stock:

Stock -626- by Eledhwen-Stock Stock -627- by Eledhwen-Stock

:iconeveblackwoodstock: Eve Blackwood Stock

bovine skull by EveBlackwoodStock butterfly stock 1 by EveBlackwoodStock balloons PNG 1 by EveBlackwoodStock treasure chest stock by EveBlackwoodStock Clouds Brush Set by EveBlackwoodStock lateral foliage 5 by EveBlackwoodStock lateral foliage 7 by EveBlackwoodStock leaves stock by EveBlackwoodStock bench nearby the river by EveBlackwoodStock bench in the meadow by EveBlackwoodStock

:iconkirilee: Kirilee

Veronika 1 by kirilee Veronika 18 by kirilee Veronika 7 by kirilee Veronika 10 by kirilee Veronika 15 by kirilee

:iconmaureenolder: Maureen Older

STOCK PHOTO green 3 by MaureenOlder STOCK PHOTO green 4 by MaureenOlder STOCK PHOTO green 2 by MaureenOlder STOCK PHOTO green by MaureenOlder

:iconredwolf518stock: Redwolf518stock:

R. Fiennes Texture Stock by redwolf518stock J. Isaacs Texture Stock by redwolf518stock Wipeout Texture Stock by redwolf518stock J. Wagner Texture Stock by redwolf518stock J. Walters Texture Stock by redwolf518stock J. Henson Texture Stock by redwolf518stock J. Anderson Texture Stock by redwolf518stock V. Lachey Texture Stock by redwolf518stock Ballsey Texture Stock by redwolf518stock B. Balls Texture Stock by redwolf518stock

:iconsenshistock: SenshiStock

Swing Pack Preview - Drawing Reference by SenshiStock

:iconwdwparksgal-stock: WDWParksGal-Stock

RR Ties clear-cut by WDWParksGal-Stock Wooded BKG Premade by WDWParksGal-Stock Wooded Background 5 by WDWParksGal-Stock Canon at the Canfield Fair by WDWParksGal-Stock An Open Book on a Fancy Stand by WDWParksGal-Stock Pink Flower bush by WDWParksGal-Stock Post at the Grand Fla by WDWParksGal-Stock Fantasia Gardens Entrance Landscape by WDWParksGal-Stock Bench in a Niche full Front View by WDWParksGal-Stock

:iconybsilon-stock: YBsilon-Stock  

Ivy Headpiece by YBsilon-Stock Clothes Line by YBsilon-Stock Red-tailed Butterflyfish by YBsilon-Stock Mushroom Coral by YBsilon-Stock Origami Birds by YBsilon-Stock Old Childrens wheel by YBsilon-Stock Sculpture of womans torso by YBsilon-Stock Roses by YBsilon-Stock Bougainvillea by YBsilon-Stock Lianes by YBsilon-Stock Lilies by YBsilon-Stock Exotic bush with red flowers by YBsilon-Stock

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Welcome To ManipulateThis!

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Thanks For Being A Member! I'm Looking Forward To Seeing Your First Entry!



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Countdown to "The Days Of Orange" Challenge

Sunday, September 28th @ 10:00am

Look For Information, Objectives and Expectation :…

Good Luck to you all!!


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