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Countdown to "Tales Of The Fae" Challenge

Countdown ended
Wednesday, May 6th @ 11:00am

The Challenge Is Over.
Final Selections Will Be Announced Soon!

A Different Type Of Challenge-Cool Prizes!

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 20, 2015, 2:38 PM
"Tales Of The Fae" 3D Challenge
Hello everyone!
As I wrote in the last journal, we're starting a contest today. I hope you find it fun and get an entry in.
Don't worry about trying to hurry. There is plenty of time to complete your entry.
Now let's go and have some fun!


Your Challenge,  if you decide to accept it, is to create a background scene, using 3D rendered stock .
I have written a fantasy novel called the "Tales Of The Fae" and I want you to help me create illustrations for it.

 Talesfromthefae-cover2 by thefantasim
Cover 1 (I'm still making decisions on the cover--I think it's too dark--will set a poll to ask for your opinion soon. :)  )

If I choose your entry, it will be used in the book.  Of course, you'll get credited and a link to your deviantArt  account.

Please read below before you begin your entry.

Make sure you use the scroll down bar on the right to see examples, description and stock for each illustration, and prize lists.



:bulletgreen: The challenge begins today, April 20th, and will end May 6th. When your entry is complete, please submit to the Featured folder.

:bulletgreen: This challenge features the stock by oldhippieart, ArlesienneEcathe, and WyckedPixieDesigns

:bulletgreen: Please only used 3D rendered stock as your additional stock.

:bulletgreen: Since the book is fantasy dealing with fairy and elves, please make their environment reflect that, i.e., the background should be magical, whimsical, fairy and elf like. There are some really cool 3D rendered objects, especially at oldhippieart and Ecathe If you can't find the stock at her account, put ecathe into the search for Resources And Stock.

Crystal by thefantasim

These are reworked wings. I actually used three layers and added the noise to make it sparkle.  So please be creative with each character. Don't just add them in as they are. Any stock can use some improvement.

:bulletgreen: You can put the character in a complete back ground. I will choose three of my favorites
completed ones for the beginning and ending of the book. See Example below:

Cyanaatthealter-2 by thefantasim

This is an advance character. Her wings and what she wears turn from orange to blue, and her hair and skin are turning as well.

:bulletgreen: You can put the character in a background that looks incomplete. As below:

Blossominfield by thefantasim

:bulletgreen: Note, Fairies have yellow hair and wear sparkling orange with short ears. Elves wear sparkling green, and their ears are pointy.
:bulletgreen: Remember, you can change colors or add things (like jewelry) on any of the characters.

Follow What I want For Each Character(s). You have your choice of doing one or two characters alone or in a set.

Here are the details of what I would like. I will select the complete scene that I like for the beginning
and end of the book. Remember, the ones without crowded background for inside the book.

:bulletblack: Fairies
What I want: All of the fairies, rather child or adult, must have sparkling orange wings
and sparkling orange clothing. Choose the stock to that looks like the fae is dancing during a
celebration. Fairies should not  have pointy ears.
Angel fae stock by Ecathe

:bulletblack: A Female Elf in Winter clothing.
What I want: A beautiful snow scene. This is a ping. Simply download directly.
Elfinsnowsuit By Oldhippieart by thefantasim
:bulletblack: A bald Man
What I want: I only want the bald man in this set.
Exclusive stock pack for Pridipdiyoren by Arlesienne
Change his colors to sparkling  orange and place him in a nature like scene.  You can also turn one of the other men into an Elf. Expecially the third one from the left.

:bulletblack: Teen Elf
What I want Do not use the teens in Red. Place the other two next to each other. It's okay that
the male is turned away. He's not in love with her yet. Their clothes should be more green, and sparkling.
Teen Elf Tales by oldhippieart

:bulletblack: Adult Elves
WhatI want Any beautiful wild life scene. Give them pointy ears and their clothes should be sparkling green.
Fantasy Couple 1 by WyckedPixieDesigns

:bulletblack: Fairy and Elf baby
What I want: You can make a fairy or an elf. If it's an elf, it should be wearing sparkling green. A fairy should be wearing sparkling orange with little orange wings. A set of 3.
Elf Babies by oldhippieart

:bulletblack: Animorph
What I want: I like the couple of the Katz. It would nice to see some jewelery on the woman. They also live near the Fairy and Elves so there surroundings should be magical, whimsical--not a jungle.
Katz by oldhippieart

:bulletblack: Dragon
What I want: Have you the scene in "The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies" when Smaug attacks Laketown (creative title for the town, right? NOT!  :laugh:)? That's what I want. A fire breathing dragon flying over roof tops with most of the village already on fire.

Blue Dragon III by Elevit-Stock

:bulletblack: Adam and Eve:
What I want: This is teen Adam and Eve. They should be in the Garden (i.e., the Garden of Eden) so the background should look beautiful. Also, have as many mixed of animals as you can in the background. Here's a quote from my novel.

"In the morning, Adam awoke and saw two panthers lying very close to them. He hears a raucous, and growls of a large cat fight. Sure enough, two panther cubs were playing in the tree above them. .
The female was on her back, rolling back and forth, and the male was in a reclined position...“Eve look,” Adam pointed  to the array of flowers around the tree.  Eve stood up and looked around. There were a variety of animals, some with little ones, some without, but all seem to be living their lives in complete harmony with one other.  
Elves in Love by oldhippieart


:bulletblack: Three Completed Illustrations Of My Choice:
                         :star: Members Will Have Their Illustrations Published In My Fantasy Novel
                         :star: 1 Small Print From Any Deviant
                         :star: 500 Points
                         :star: Stock Packs
                         :star: Features
:bulletblack:  Any Incomplete Illustrations Of My Choice (there is no number limit):
                        :star: The Entries I Will Have Their Illustrations Published In My Fantasy Novel.
                        :star: A Small Print From :devfantasim:
                        :star: 100 points
                        :star: Stock Packs
                        :star: Features


:bulletblue: A. First, in the Artist's Comments box, make sure you post that your deviation is for the "Tales Of The Fae" Challenge at ManipulateThis and include our icon.

:bulletblue: B. Second, have the level you're entering under (Level 1 for Novice, 2 for Beginners, 3, for Intermediate, and 4 for Advance) with the info above in your "Artist's Comments". If you're not sure about the level, please read a description of each level in the…

Choose your level carefully and accurately. A wrong level can affect winning the contest.

:bulletblue: C. Then submit your deviation by selecting "Contribute Art" in the menu on the Home page of the group, or from the "Submit To Group" link on the right hand side of your original deviation. It must be approved before it's placed into the FEATURED gallery.I always move from the FEATURED to the appropriate folder, so don't worry about that.

Remember, deviations that are NOT for the contest will be declined.

:bulletblue: D. You will receive a confirmation message at your art account if the entry was accepted or not. If it was declined you will receive a comment with the decline entry telling you why.

If there is time, you're allowed to edit your deviation or start again. An edited deviation will change the original if you use the "Edit Deviation" link on the page of the deviation.

:bulletred:IMPORTANT!If the above happens and you do not delete the original deviation from your gallery, please send a group note so that I know to remove the original entry.


Please see the Rules concerning "Competitive" and "Non-Competitive".…

I am here to help. If you have any questions or need my help, or want me to look at your image befoe you submit, don't hesitate to contact me.  

Do your very best in execution, and really create a fascinating entry! :D


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plutoplus1 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2015
Not sure who to address this to...but I won in the Halloween Bash contest last October, and I was wondering if prizes would ever be given out.

Thanks in advance for your time!
thefantasim Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2015   Digital Artist
ooop! I'm sorry. I was so disillusioned by the lack of participating that I sort of went on a quiet hiatus. We're doing two more challenges that I hope you join in. In the meantime, I'll go back and look into this. Okay?
Nolamom3507 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2015
I'm uncertain who would handle this, as I only work on approving submissions (checking credits and so forth).  
plutoplus1 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2015
I think it's been handled, or at least assigned, already.  Thanks for the response!
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