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Photomanip Challenges
db1 by RBSRdesigns
:iconmanipulatethis: ManipulateThis :iconmanipulatethis:

db1 by RBSRdesigns

The Dinner Challenge only had five entries, so all five are featured here with comments from all the admins of the group. All will be featured at TheStockWarehouse WDWParksGal-Stock and WDWParksGal 

:iconnewsboyplz: Another challenge has been posted at the :new: manipulation group :iconcastle-of-manips:, which is the sister group of :iconcastle-of-cards: ~ you are welcome to join! Once the Fan Art Challenge is over at ManipulateThis, there will not be challenges posted from ManipulateThis until further notice.

First Challenge: Earth, Air, Fire or WaterHello Castle Folk...
I'm so JAZZED that our group is becoming REAL with the opening of our first challenge: Earth, Air, Water or Fire (otherwise known as The Elements.)  
One of the MAIN requirements for this challenge will be that the "element" is represented by a human/humanoid being or "Elemental."
:bulletblue: The MAIN requirement for this challenge will be that the "element" is represented by a human/humanoid being or "Elemental." Be creative with this, as
I know it's easy enough to find stock models already representing an Elemental but if you want your work to be chosen as a winning piece-judges WILL take into
account the amount of manipulating that was required to CREATE your ELEMENTAL.
:bulletblue: In your description you MUST inform the viewer of which element you are illustrating. You are also allowed to put that in you artwork, though not required
to do so.
:bulletblue: Challenge ends April 19th 2015
:bulletblue: Include our group icon in your description as well as gi

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Reviews by Reddawgi


Level 2 Entries:

 "Dinner" by :icontheheek:

Dinner by theheek 

Fun concept with a nice surreal vibe, too. I also like how the image is made photo-like by the distressed frame. :cat: 

"Spaced Out Dinner" by :iconcazcastalla:

Spaced Out Dinner by cazcastalla

Cute idea. The setting of outer space is unique. Elements nicely blended. Hug the Earth 

"Gathering of the Elements" by :iconlove-and-blades:

Gathering of the Elements by Love-and-Blades

Very clever concept. The storyline shared really adds to the piece. Lots of lovely ladies gathered here. :fiakiss: 

Level 4 Entries:

 "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?" by :iconamethystmoonsong:

Guess Who is Coming to Dinner by amethystmoonsong

This is a very cool idea. Nicely blended and well-done manip. Fish 

"Mad Hatter Afternoon Tea" by :iconwdwparksgal-stock:

Mad Hatter Afternoon Tea by WDWParksGal-Stock

Oh this is a fun one! Elements and models chosen are instrumental in telling the story. I like too the interesting use of perspective. Alice in Wonderland 

 Divider (3) by LadyMidnightSolace


Reviews by silber-englein


Level Two entries:


Dinner by theheek

Honestly, I feel like this should have been entered into one of the more advanced categories. The composition is very good and the concept quite creative. I really like how a sense of depth is created with the columns in the foreground and background. The background adds to the whimsical scene, and I like that the cat is looking in the direction of the fish. I think if at least one of the fish was moved up in the direct line of sight of the cat, then the connection would have been even stronger. Right now, the cat looks like it's dreaming a bit. I like the choice of colour and the texture is also a nice touch. Well done! :feedfish: 

Spaced Out Dinner by cazcastalla

I really like the background that cazcastalla created with the other stock pieces. It comes together really well. The colours are lovely and compliment the main subjects well. I find it interesting how the rock was given bluer tones to give it a more outer-worldly look. As I am used to looking at photomanipulations with mostly three-dimensional subjects, the 2D subjects are a bit unusual for me. However, they do fit in well with the scene. Another suggestion I have would be to make the composition less top-heavy. Aside from those small details, it's very well put together! 

Gathering of the Elements by Love-and-Blades

Wow! There was a lot of stock used in this piece! I commend Love-and-Blades for putting so much effort into it! The idea of having the elements have dinner together is quite a creative concept. It is very difficult sometimes to connect the models in a photomanipulation, but I think it was done quite well here. Even the detached subjects seem to have their own characters. While there is much skill in using many different objects, sometimes less is more. I find that the use of the various effects is a bit overwhelming in this scene. The background itself is lovely, but it could have done without the extra swirly bits, in my opinion. Altogether, the scene is nicely put together. Quite whimsical, pretty and creative! Waitin' On Someone Special 

Level Four entries:


Guess Who is Coming to Dinner by amethystmoonsong

I like the humorous take on this manip! The mouse huddled in the corner and the owl swooping in for dinner is quite an entertaining scene. One of the nicest parts is the warm glow of light coming in from the window. I like the attention to detail in that the objects on the windowsill were also given a brighter and warmer colour and adjusted to fit the picture. I noticed that some parts are blurry and some are sharp. I believe it was to make it more photographic or to create depth? If this was the case, then I think that the owl's face should have been made blurrier. The texture gives this piece an interesting dynamic, as if the owl just made its perch. The overall colours are very nice, but I find that the mug clashes a bit with the warm yellow tones and the red berries. Perhaps if it were a different colour, it would be more complementary. Still, everything was very well put together and enjoyable to look at. Keep it up! :owl: 

Mad Hatter Afternoon Tea by WDWParksGal-Stock

Everything in this is so clean cut and high quality. The sharpness of it is very pleasant to look at. I like the brightness of the scene. It complements the activities very well. The mixture between 3D objects/subjects and photographic ones creates the type of surrealism that Alice in Wonderland is known for. This approach was a very clever one! I like that, even though it was in the background, there was a good amount of detail on what was placed on the table. I think that the shadows created behind the subjects was a nice touch, but the shadow behind the mad hatter doesn't seem to fit with the others (all of the other shadows fall to the right, while his falls to the left). The way the room was transformed by adding all of the different elements was very interesting to see and very well done. Good job! Alice  

 Divider (3) by LadyMidnightSolace


Reviews from theheek


Mad Hatter Afternoon Tea by WDWParksGal-Stock

For this one I would have to say-very clever indeed nice job with the perspective of the objects, and who doesn't love the Mad Hatter? Hatter 

Guess Who is Coming to Dinner by amethystmoonsong

For this one I would say very cute and well done. I love the mouse; he's so cute and he looks so scared I hope the little fella’s ok! Mouse smile 

 Divider (3) by LadyMidnightSolace


Reviews by Nolamom3507


Dinner by theheek theheek

I love the whimsical nature of this deviation.  The artist has skillfully put together a surreal image that requires a second look! :kittygrump: 


Spaced Out Dinner by cazcastalla cazcastalla 

The use of drawn anime characters with a straighforward photomanipulation gives this deviation added interest. Orbiting Moons 

Gathering of the Elements by Love-and-Blades Love-and-Blades

The five women in this deviation seem to represent different elementals.  I particularly like how the red dress morphs into flames. Angel with Horn 


Guess Who is Coming to Dinner by amethystmoonsong amethystmoonsong

The owl is rather threatening in this deviation, but the object of his intent stare may not be the hapless mouse, but a bowl of delicious ripe berries. Emote Owl 


Mad Hatter Afternoon Tea by WDWParksGal-Stock WDWParksGal


The topsy-turvy world of the Mad Hatter is cunningly brought to life in this deviation which feels as if the entire room is distorted.  The angling of the room and the flat planes of the figures add to the sense of wackiness as hosted by the Hatter himself. Mad Hatter "Tea Time" 

Divider (3) by LadyMidnightSolace


Reviews by WDWParksGal


Level 2 Entries:


"Dinner" by theheek

Dinner by theheek

This is a hoot! Having had kitties as pets for decades, along with fish on occasion, as well as birds, I know how kitties are when it comes to the temptation of an intimate “live” dinner! I can imagine this kitty waiting until the humans are not watching then he’ll see if he can grab a “quick bite” :laughing: :gomi: 


"Spaced Out Dinner" by cazcastalla

Spaced Out Dinner by cazcastalla 

This is a delightful romp in space. Love the planetary background and the floating rock aka meteorite with the characters ready for a picnic. All the elements came together beautifully to make a fantasy scene. :sun: 


"Gathering of the Elements" by Love-and-Blades

Gathering of the Elements by Love-and-Blades

This actually fits well with the current challenge at Castle-of-Manips five-elements challenge. All the elements gather together for a yummy repast!

The model on the left could have had the hair cut out more evenly, but the overall deviation is magical and the added flare of the streaks of magical power, adds to the fantasy element. Well done! Avatar- the last airbender 


Level 4 Entries:


 "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?" by amethystmoonsong

Guess Who is Coming to Dinner by amethystmoonsong

Double entendre in the title! Perhaps this should be called “Guess WHO is dinner”! :giggle: The owl seems to know his meal is just around the corner…. If only he could reach!

The lovely purple pitcher seems to match the sky behind the owl in the window. The elements of the work come together for a cohesive look. Adorable! Mouse smile 


"Mad Hatter Afternoon Tea" by WDWParksGal-Stock

Mad Hatter Afternoon Tea by WDWParksGal-Stock

I didn’t notice the Mad Hatter back shadow until after I got the critique from silber-englein ~ she mentioned the shadow behind the Mad Hatter is at a different angle than the other stock pictures! :ohmygod: I did notice that the chair top should have been warped at the top to go along with the warping of the room but didn't notice until the deviation was done. I did a LOT of post-work after flattening, so to fix the mixed-media deviation, I would have to redo all the final touches, which are many. If I get a chance, I’ll go back to the PSD file and rework the layers then redo the post-flattening additions. Mad hatter 


 Black o1 by AngelicHellraiser

Many thanks to those who entered the challenge! The Fan Art Challenge is off to a good start. Plenty of time to create an entry!


Don’t forget to check the challenge at Castle-of-Manips ~ and there are prizes!

Black o1 by AngelicHellraiser

Fan Art Challenge Entry Change! Please Read

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 15, 2015, 10:56 AM
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:iconnewsboyplz: The folder for the challenge has been closed to submissions. Please link your entry in a comment in the bottom of the journal! Thank you.

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Do you have a favorite character from a Live-Action Movie, Animated Film, Novel, Short Story, TV Series, Broadway Show, Play, Theme Park or Comic Book (or from anything else I forgot to mention)? Then this challenge is for you!

This is an open challenge for your interpretation of your favorite character or characters in a photomanipulation or digital mixed-media piece. There are many wonderful stocks available on DeviantART that can be used to create a deviation.

Divider I by RBSRdesigns

Be sure to read the following to view how the group works, as well as to verify what is expected in challenges and other submissions:

THE NEW How The Group Works
New Group Format--Updated 11-2-14
Hello members, old and new!
Beginning today, we've moved from a  Challenge/Contest group format,  to an :bulletgreen: Open submission With Bi-Weekly Challenges :bulletgreen: group format.
What does that mean? read the following revised group procedures and rules  below.
How The Group Works--Submissions
ManipulateThis The Group  Is  Now Opened  For Submissions.  Below  Are  The  Submission  Rules And Guidelines:
:bulletblack: Deviations that are either Traditional Photomanipulations or Mixed Media are accepted.. If your deviation started off as stock, and then you painted on top, it's a Mixed Media. If you mix stock photos with 3D Renders, then it's a Mixed Media.
There are three folders in the gallery for the general submissions, one for Beginners (Level 2), for Intermediates (Level 3), and for Advance (Level 4). 
This is how the levels are defined here at :devman

Divider I by RBSRdesigns

Rules for the Challenge:

:bulletgreen: All stocks must be from DeviantART and properly credited and linked back to the original stock in the artist description.
:bulletgreen: In the artist description put the group's name and the level the entry is being submitted to, as well as the name of the challenge.
:bulletgreen: Each entry must contain at least one known character, person, place, animal or object in order to be considered a Fan Art piece.
:bulletgreen: Submit the entry into the Challenge Folder! Submitting to an alternate folder may be the admins will miss your entry!
:bulletgreen: Do NOT use a watermark on the deviation until after the judging is finished for the challenge. Watermarks make the deviation difficult to view and mar the center of the work. Post the entry in a large enough size in order for the details to be easily viewed by the judges.
:bulletgreen: If you cannot submit to the challenge folder just send the link in a note to the group and it will be invited into the group's challenge folder.
:bulletgreen: End date will be April 15, 2015.

Divider II by RBSRdesigns

:iconnewsboyplz: You may use any available stock on DeviantART. The following stocks are presented to show what is available for use on DeviantART.

Belle3 by faestock Elsa - Female Stock Reference 4 by faestock Jedi  - Stock Pose Reference 40 by faestock Red Riding Hood by faestock Merida 2 by LaJolieFilleStock Props 20 by kimmy-k-stock HARRY POTTER studio sets tour ,HEDWIG by Sceptre63 HARRY POTTER studio sets tour ,tomas riddle,s tomb by Sceptre63 Hogwarts Castle Stock by Linzee777 Ginny37 by faestock Luna Lovegood 3 by intergalacticstock Draco and Ginny 5 by intergalacticstock Moaning Myrtle 8 by intergalacticstock Multitasking by PersephoneStock WDW Character: Aladdin Jasmine by wilterdrose-stock Indiana Jones - Stock14 by Joran-Belar The Monster Maroon ST II-VII / Stock6 by Joran-Belar Sherlock Holmes Statue by presterjohn1 DSC06520 Mad Hatter's Hat 4 by wintersmagicstock Alice22 by faestock Ophelia by lindowyn-stock Matt Joker 4a by jagged-eye Elle Batgirl 1a by jagged-eye Tigger Stock 2 by AreteStock Cinderellas Coach by Rivendell-PhotoStock Hobbit Hole 1 by Rivendell-PhotoStock Odin Throne 11-10-12_148 by skydancer-stock Alice in Wonderland 44 by AreteStock Cerberus by wind-princess Talyn Stone Twisted Snow White 4a by jagged-eye Queen Cersei - Iron Throne by PrincessAndDragon Stein Zupancic Viking STOCK 01 by DiamonEyes Epcot Norway Viking Ship Stock by AreteStock Man Of Steel 101 by cgartiste Tardis(free for use) by NadiaDibaj Pallas - 29 by mjranum-stock
metallic divider by ToxiceStea

More Journal Entries



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Head Moderator




Countdown to "Dinner" Challenge

Wednesday, April 15th @ 9:00am

:bulletblue: The "Fan Art" Challenge!

:shamrock: Good Luck to you all!!

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