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Hello Members! Please Read:

We Are And Have Always Been And Will Continue To Be A PHOTO-MANIPULATION group.

What is meant by Photo-Manipulation?

:bulletblack: As far as this group is concerned, "photo-manipulations are images that have been composed of two or more photographic elements to create something new."

The definition says "two or more", but I ask you to use more than.
Even more than three stocks? Why? So that we're creating more interesting photo-manipulations.

Just reading a book by MaureenOlder

What is meant by a Mix-Media?

:bulletblack:According to ex-Digital Art GM,`cosmosue, mix media is, "the process of creating a work using more than one form of creation. Take for example a photomanip, you are using photos and maybe some textures and/or brushes. Well take that photomanip and throw in some digital hand painting and now you have mixed more than one medium to create your work".

Return to Innocence by cosmosue Ophelia by cosmosue

:bulletblack: In addition, mixing 3D Renders with photos is Mixed Media.

:bulletblack: We Do NOT Do Mixed Media At This Group! We will no longer do challenges that mix 3D renders with photo stock. If there is rendered images in your entry, more then likely I will ask you to remove it. Sorry, but I have to be strict on this.

:bulletblack: However, it doesn't mean we won't do a challenge that is all 3D Rendered, just make sure that there are no photos used.

I'll have his heart! by EveBlackwood

:bulletblack: Doing some "hand work" and using "adjustments, effects" and similar, is expected.

:bulletblack: That means, "some" Digital Painting/Airbrushing (or the use of other tools to get a painterly effects) On Top Of Photos Is Allowed to complete your Photo-Manipulation. How much? A little: such as, to finish hair, make the tail of a dress look wind blown, create grass, clear up blemishes on the skin, and such.

Swan Lake by kimsol

:bulletblack:Yes, I will no longer accept any deviation that are really Mix-Media or straight forward digital painting; i.e., painting over the original stock for most or the entire deviation.

If you want to participate in one of our challenges, and you're basically a digital painter, why not challenge yourself to do a strict traditional photo-manipulation? After all, that's what this group is about, challenging yourself and learning something new.

Edited: 10-3-13
About Cutout (png.) Files:

:bulletblack: Due to the problems that have arise about the use of cut outs, I'm really cracking down on challenge entries that are, not only mixing 3D Renders with photo files, but are also using stock from suspicious sources.

:bulletblack: I wrote about it TWICE here at the group (although I cannot find the link to the first post about it), and now I've expanded the information at my art account journal. Please read because it's very important and affects all of us.…

:bulletblack: Don't forget to check this account to see if the suspicious stock provider is on the list already.

In addition, our member, Anne-Wipf, has gather some trustworthy stocks with png file.…

:bulletblack: Please report any strange looking stock accounts. I just found a new account right before I edited this, and between two of us, we were easily able to find seven photos on the web.

If you have any questions please write to me at the group.

Other Favorites From Playing Cards

The Chariot by acheronnights the moon by EveBlackwood La Force by PriscillaSantana

Random from Brushes, Stock, Textures And Other Resources

Random from Favourites


Welcome To ManipulateThis!

~We Are All Happy To See You~

Are Group Is A Bi-Weekly Challenges For Beginning, Intermediate and Advance Traditional Photomanipulator. I'm Sorry That We Do Not Take Any Photomanipulator Who Are Just New To Acquainted With The Putting An Image Together.

In addition, we collection many tutorials directed at photomanipulations that covers how to get started, a well as how to use brushes to create an atmospheric environment.

If You Enjoy Challenging Yourself, Learning New Ways To Help Your Skills Improve, And Participating In An Competitive Atmosphere, This Is The Place For You.

If You Want To Be A Member, Just Click The "Join Our Group" Button That's In The Left Column.

Stock Providers Are Welcome!

Otherwise, Please Do Not Request To Join If You Are Not A Photo-Manipulator.

You Can Find Out More About The Group On This Page:…

Thanks For Being A Member! I'm Looking Forward To Seeing Your First Entry!



Head Moderator


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Journal Entry: Mon Jul 21, 2014, 2:06 PM

Oh, my goodness! It's so good to see you again. I had some dA problems that kept me from chatting at y'all, but I can start catching up.
I'm the mist of trying a new look for the group. I just wanted to look at something different.

I haven't done a "Stuff..." in almost a year and a half, and I feel like I've stop making our group an important part of the Photomanipulation community group as it once was. That's okay!
We can do it if we try

Before I announce the winners of the "Dad And Me" Challenge, I have a couple of things I want to share with you.


:bulletblack: A long time ago, I belonged to a club that began a haven for those who was losing their sanity due to the glue in the hats they wore.

I am The Mad Hatter.

There's other down in the rabbit hole that create the craziness with me.  Between having tea, breaking the fine dishes, and changing seats, we had plenty of time to cause havoc.  We gave broken tarts to the Queen of Hearts, we listed 10 ways to take care of a baby pig, and had a mascarade ball. We were full of angst, but we had fun just the same.

I'm planning on opening up the Society again and bring it up from a club to a group. Hopefully this can happen quickly so that we have an official opening date of August 1st. Of course, any group isn't at it's best without a Super status.

Of course, requesting to open a group is like taking way too much mushrooms. So, thefantasim, again, need chunks of large point donations to make this happen.  You can  also ask her any questions.

Are you angst enough to join us at the Mad Hatter's Society?

I've written way too much in this journal. I'll start our new challenge next.


Summer Time Feature Week #3

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 16, 2014, 6:19 PM


SANTA MONICA BEACH - CALIFORNIA by KerensaW  Lighthouse PNG by FrostBo Summer Drinks 002 by poserfan-stock
Raspberry - images pack by ShiStock  Sunflower Field 2 by cam-stock  Beautiful Bright Watercolor Backgrounds by Love-Kay
Summer Lover 4 by Kechake-stock Custom PNGs - 0306 by Missesglass Leavy Borders by luana


Sunflower Field by Emerald-Depths  Last of Summer by WindyLife  Evening at the lighthouse by AngiWallace
Home by ynne-black Fading with Time by Emerald-Depths  Summer Memories 2012 by NAO1203
Paint My Sky by Emerald-Depths  Summer Goddess by nxlam1801  Summer Days by FrozenStarRo

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