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Bi-weekly Photomanip Challenges

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Spring Feature #3

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 23, 2014, 6:33 AM


Current Challenge

There is still time to join our current challenge: Fields of Spring
Check it out the required stock & expectations.


Spring papers collection 2012 by Aramisdream BG Mini Pack 005 Easter by poserfan-stock Rose crown stock 2 by TrickleIckleStock Cloth Textures Pack 1 by ALP-Stock
Nest_png by soEena GeishaBlossomPeach SheetPk by Bnspyrd Pink Maiden set by CathleenTarawhiti Free Easter Eggs + Textures by ibjennyjenny
fae 5 by magikstock Pears by SarahharaS1 Field of Yellow Flowers 8 by FairieGoodMother Bumble Bee Set 02 by Free-Stock-By-Wayne


Spring Blossom by LiMaInspirations  The Easter Bunny. by dudeckaya Sad Memories by MasoumehTavakoli Spring mood by Vladlena111
Midsummer Night (Oberon/Theseus) by KingaBritschgi Spring Lake by annemaria48 Vesna by Lindowyn Lafleurmagique by roserika
Compassion by Aegis-Strife Gaia by svaniland An Angel's Garden by motherearth01 Butterfly Garden by RickMerriman

Have a nice spring ( or autumn) :)

Space And Depth In Landscapes

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 16, 2014, 3:11 PM

I've written more than one tutorial on the topic of how to get the "look"  of three dimensions on a two dimensional surface in the digital world (i.e., photomanipulation). It's those tutorials I refer members to so that they can find out how to get space and depth into their photomanipulations.  And I can always tell when a member has taken the information to heart. Kudos to  you who are already familiar with atmospheric perspective!

However, since there is a new landscape challenge for the members ( Fields Of Spring ), I thought I present the same topic differently in hope it helps makes everything clearer.

Space is an Element of Art, therefore, there are rules to follow in order to create the illusion of 3-dimension on a 2-dimensional surface.

:bulletgreen: Three-dimensions cannot be touched by human hands, but it exists in the real world. If you go outside your house right now, look one direction or the other down the street, you will see and experience the three reasons why Space and Depth appears in your view.

1. By Overlapping: When objects overlap, the first object is the closest object.

2. With Linear Perspective: Using the horizon line as the focal point, invisible parallel lines move towards the horizon appearing to go from wide to narrow. Large objects appear smaller as they move towards the horizon line, and larger as they go away. Objects above the horizon line appear smaller and lower as they move towards the horizon.

3. With Atmospheric Perspective: Objects in the nearest foreground are always the largest, clearest, and has the most detail. As objects move back into the furthest background, they become smaller, fuzzier, with less detail.

For more information on Overlapping and Linear Perspective, go here:…  

Atmospheric Perceptive: How To--Laying Out A Landscape

Look at Figure 1 below.

This photo shows the six basic levels of Atmospheric Perspective .  Notice how, even though we are only looking at a shot of the ground without seeing the sky, the areas of the landscape still slowly lose detail from Nearest Foreground to
Furthest Background. In addition, colors become a little fuzzier as the we look from the front towards the background.  They are subtle changes, I admit, but that's how to create the illusion of space, the way it appears in Nature.

:bulletgreen: Speaking of  Nature, the rules of Atmospheric Perspective is used for anything in the sky or flying around as well. If we do not have the sky going from bright with clouds and other  details in the foreground, to very light and fuzzy in the furthest background, our image (no matter the media) will look flat.

Fig. 1

Creek-smple atmsphrc prspctve by thefantasim

The Foreground and Middle Ground is usually where all of the activity takes place, therefore, together, they are going to be the largest areas.

Remember that this is only an example to help me explain Atmospheric Perspective, not what I expect the "Fields Of Spring" challenge entries to look like.

Atmospheric Perceptive: How To-- Objects  In The Sky

Birds, bats, dragons, etc., are often added to a photomanipulation without much thought. Now you know that everything, every object, falls under the laws of Atmospheric Perspective

I found some old stock on a CD, and it says that this original stock from from Della-Stock, but I can't find it at her website. Oh, well. At least I gave it credit. :heart:

We all know that birds flock together with their own kind, and only a few birds live in solitude. Either way, this walk through should help you understand how to add birds to the sky.

Fig. 2 Nearest Foreground

Each of these figures below are exactly the same size, and I added the same swans to each. The size and detail of the swans will change to indicate that set of swans position in the sky.

Example-atmpprspctve-sky6 by thefantasim
These swans are very close, don't you agree?

Fig. 3 Foreground                Fig. 4 Middle Ground

Example-atmpprspctve-sky5 by thefantasim  Example-atmpprspctve-sky4 by thefantasim

In the Foreground, we can see the entirety of the two swans, however, the detail is a little blurry. The swans in the Middle Ground are not only smaller, but, also has very little detail. Still, our brain tells us they are birds; (I know now that I shouldn't have change the tone of the swans to blue)  they're in the sky, and we recognize the shape of the body and wings. They, therefore, must be birds.

Fig. 5 Furthest Middle Ground   Fig. 6 Nearest Background

Example-atmpprspctve-sky3 by thefantasim  Example-atmpprspctve-sky2 by thefantasim
In the Furthest Middle Ground and Nearest Background, we can see only shapes. Once again, we rely on our experience to tell us that those objects, blurry and without details, are still birds.

Fig. 7

Example-atmpprspctve-sky by thefantasim
Here are the 5 layers when merged together. I had to do some rearranging with one or two wing layers to get this arrangement.

Just for fun, take a look at this:

Fig. 8

The Dragon Catcher by thefantasim

Atmospheric Perceptive: How To--Small Things That Fly Or Crawl

Insects do not behave as birds do, they do not always "flock together". They are individualist, usually with wings, and they go where ever they please, when ever they please. Therefore, they are not always taking up the exact same space as another insect at the exact same time. And, insects are small. Not as big as a bird, etc., so you have to be careful and plan your insects  in a more believable manner as you're adding them to your image.

Fig. 9

Mushrooms And Fireflies by thefantasim

This is a floral image created with 3D rendered stock.  Notice how you can easily see the fire fly in the Middle Ground, Background, and Furthest Background and how they change size and lose detail. This helps give the illusion of space.

Since I see so many photomanipulators who love to add butterflies (I'm raising my hand saying, "me, me!" ) to their image, let's look at how to include them the right way.

First of all, I lied above. Since butterflies are attracted to certain plants or trees, you will see many of the same butterflies interacting over the same flowers.  Still, they do not take up the exact same space at the exact same time.

Fig. 10

E=ex-atmprprspct-butterflies by thefantasim

There are 5 butterflies in the image above. I marked them in white so that they would be easier to see, but I forgot to mark the fifth one. Still, you should be able to see how the largest butterfly is in the Nearest Foreground, and how the butterflies get smaller as they move towards the Elven maiden.

Below are three other examples of the addition of butterflies to an image.

Remember, butterflies are small!

Fig. 11                          Fig. 12
Nymph In The Meadow by thefantasim   Morning Nymph With Butterflies by thefantasim

Fig. 13

In The Air by thefantasim

That's all.
(and boy, am I tired   :sleep: )

If you ever have questions, unsure about something, or would like for me to look at any deviation to help you with it, you may send a note to me at ManipulateThis, or even to my deviant art account.


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Welcome To ManipulateThis, A Group For Bi-Weekly Challenges, And Contests During The Year, For Beginning, Intermediate and Advance Traditional Photomanipulators.

If You Enjoy Challenging Yourself, Learning New Ways To Help Your Skills Improve, And Participating In An Competitive Atmosphere, This Is The Place For You. If You Want To Be A Member, Just Click The "Join Our Group" Button That's In The Left Column.
Do Not Request To Join If You Are Not A Photo-Manipulator.

You Can Find Out More About The Group On This Page:…

In addition, please read about the chasnges in the way that you submit, New Year, New ManipulateThis To Get A Good Feel Of What This Group Is All About.

Thanks For Being A Member! I'm Looking Forward To Seeing Your First Entry!





Hello Members! Please Read:

We Are And Have Always Been And Will Continue To Be A PHOTO-MANIPULATION group.

What is meant by Photo-Manipulation?

:bulletblack: As far as this group is concerned, "photo-manipulations are images that have been composed of two or more photographic elements to create something new."

I ask you to use more than three stocks (the basics for each entry is required stock, background, more than one additional stock) to create interesting images.

:bulletblack: For this group, you can use in your photo-manipulations, brushes, textures, some filters, and some special effects as long as the end results looks like a photo-manipulation as defined above.

Just reading a book by MaureenOlder

What is meant by a Mix-Media?

:bulletblack:According to ex-Digital Art GM,`cosmosue, mix media is, "the process of creating a work using more than one form of creation. Take for example a photomanip, you are using photos and maybe some textures and/or brushes. Well take that photomanip and throw in some digital hand painting and now you have mixed more than one medium to create your work".

Return to Innocence by cosmosue Ophelia by cosmosue

:bulletblack: In addition, mixing 3D Renders with photos is Mixed Media.

:bulletblack: We Do NOT Do Mixed Media At This Group! We will no longer do challenges that mix 3D renders with photo stock. If there is rendered images in your entry, more then likely I will ask you to remove it. Sorry, but I have to be strict on this.

:bulletblack: However, it doesn't mean we won't do a challenge that is all 3D Rendered, just make sure that there are no photos used.

I'll have his heart! by EveBlackwood

:bulletblack: Doing some "hand work" and using "adjustments, effects" and similar, is expected.

:bulletblack: That means, "some" Digital Painting/Airbrushing (or the use of other tools to get a painterly effects) On Top Of Photos Is Allowed to complete your Photo-Manipulation. How much? A little: such as, to finish hair, make the tail of a dress look wind blown, create grass, clear up blemishes on the skin, and such.

Swan Lake by kimsol

:bulletblack:Yes, I will no longer accept any deviation that are really Mix-Media or straight forward digital painting; i.e., painting over the original stock for most or the entire deviation.

If you want to participate in one of our challenges, and you're basically a digital painter, why not challenge yourself to do a strict traditional photo-manipulation? After all, that's what this group is about, challenging yourself and learning something new.

Edited: 10-3-13
About Cutout (png.) Files:

:bulletblack: Due to the problems that have arise about the use of cut outs, I'm really cracking down on challenge entries that are, not only mixing 3D Renders with photo files, but are also using stock from suspicious sources.

:bulletblack: I wrote about it TWICE here at the group (although I cannot find the link to the first post about it), and now I've expanded the information at my art account journal. Please read because it's very important and affects all of us.…

:bulletblack: Don't forget to check this account to see if the suspicious stock provider is on the list already.

In addition, our member,Anne-Wipf, has gather some trustworthy stocks with png file.…

:bulletblack: Please report any strange looking stock accounts. I just found a new account right before I edited this, and between two of us, we were easily able to find seven photos on the web.

If you have any questions please write to me at the group.

Current Current...

 photo mt-fieldsSpring-banner_zps879aca0c.jpg
For Details And Expectations, Go HERE.

Do You Agree?: A Stock Provider Can State That Their Head Or Body Stock Cannot Be Used With Another Stock? 

31 deviants said Yes. The stock provider has the right to keep their head and bodies intack! (leave a comment please)
18 deviants said :? We want to resprect the providers wishes concerning their photos, but it is stock. (leave a comment please)
2 deviants said No. It's stock. If I can't find exactly what I want without putting two stocks together, I'm going to do it. (leave a comment please)

Countdown to End Of: The "Fields Of Spring" Challenge

Saturday, April 26th @ 10:00am

For Details, Go HERE:…


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