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Bi-weekly Photomanip Challenges

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Welcome To ManipulateThis!

~We Are All Happy To See You~

Our Group Of Bi-Weekly Challenges For Beginning, Intermediate, and Advance .
Traditional Photomanipulator

I'm Sorry That We Do Not Take Any Photomanipulator Who Are New To Photomanipulation. However, We've Acquired Many Tutorialsls In our Favorites That With The Putting An Image Together. Our, In Addition, We have A Collection Of Tutorials Directed At Any Of Any Photomanipular.

Please Remember That We Do Not Accept Art That Started As A Photo, and Ended Up Looking Like Paintings and ended up looking like a painting. We are Tradtional Photomanipulors.

If You Enjoy Challenging Yourself, Learning New Find Way To Avance You Skills Improve, And Participating In An Competitive Atmosphere, This Is The Place For You.

If You Want To Be A Member, Just Click The "Join Our Group" Button That's In The Left Column.

Stock Providers Are Welcome!

Otherwise, Please Do Not Request To Join If You Are Not A Photo-Manipulator.

You Can Find Out More About The Group On This Page:…
(which will be edited soon.

Thanks For Being A Member! I'm Looking Forward To Seeing Your First Entry!



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Hold On--I'm taking a 1 month Journey To The Past

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 9, 2014, 10:58 AM
Hey guys.
Those of  you who have been around for a long while, and do get the journals, will know that we are going be closed for  a few weeks. It was suggested to take a month off and start everything up again in the beginning of September.

I thought that was such a wonderful idea, while I sipped of coffee in my "The FantaSim Mug".

So, no ManipulateThis, no HumanConditions (I don't have the money right now and no Super Status) and the grand reopening of The Mad Hatter's Society is also postponed.

Bye, Bye.

Oh, if you do need to contact me or one of the Moderators, just leave them a note.


Journal Entry: Mon Jul 21, 2014, 2:06 PM

Oh, my goodness! It's so good to see you again. I had some dA problems that kept me from chatting at y'all, but I can start catching up.
I'm the mist of trying a new look for the group. I just wanted to look at something different.

I haven't done a "Stuff..." in almost a year and a half, and I feel like I've stop making our group an important part of the Photomanipulation community group as it once was. That's okay!
We can do it if we try

Before I announce the winners of the "Dad And Me" Challenge, I have a couple of things I want to share with you.


:bulletblack: A long time ago, I belonged to a club that began a haven for those who was losing their sanity due to the glue in the hats they wore.

I am The Mad Hatter.

There's other down in the rabbit hole that create the craziness with me.  Between having tea, breaking the fine dishes, and changing seats, we had plenty of time to cause havoc.  We gave broken tarts to the Queen of Hearts, we listed 10 ways to take care of a baby pig, and had a mascarade ball. We were full of angst, but we had fun just the same.

I'm planning on opening up the Society again and bring it up from a club to a group. Hopefully this can happen quickly so that we have an official opening date of August 1st. Of course, any group isn't at it's best without a Super status.

Of course, requesting to open a group is like taking way too much mushrooms. So, thefantasim, again, need chunks of large point donations to make this happen.  You can  also ask her any questions.

Are you angst enough to join us at the Mad Hatter's Society?

I've written way too much in this journal. I'll start our new challenge next.


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