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Bi-weekly Photomanip Challenges

It's been a long while since we've had a poll just to chat. So let's go! Question: Where are you From? (don't forget to make a comment) 

18 deviants said Otrher European Country
10 deviants said U.S. Eastern or Northern- Including Alaska
10 deviants said U.S. South West or West
5 deviants said Any other Asian Country
4 deviants said British Isles
3 deviants said Australia or New Zealand
2 deviants said Canada
2 deviants said Mexico or South America
No deviants said Japan or China
No deviants said Spain or Portugal

Current Challenge

Contest For The Darkest Night!

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 30, 2014, 9:52 AM

I love October because the warmth of the Summer is cooling and there is colorful trees popping up every where.  And it's  a time when I can go wild!  And I mean wild!

I absolutely love to dress up for Halloween.  It didn't matter if it was okay at my job, or I'm passing out candy, I LOVE to dress up into something weird. I was once a pregnant girl scout working in customer service of department store; a housekeeper wearing bunny slippers, hair in rollers, and  yellow rubber gloves as I straiten  and arrange clothes in another department store. 

In both of these scenarios, I really got some queer looks from people around me (is she really pregnant? Is this woman shopping looking like that?) I've also been a variety of vampires, witches, and spacemen, and all sorts of creatures in between.

I really enjoy Halloween!



I have gathered the information for each part of the contest and placed them into a scroll box area to make it easier to read now, and find the info you need later. So be prepared. There is a lot of information here.


Our new contest is exactly what I described above, creating different characters in a setting that they shouldn't be, doing what they shouldn't be doing.

You can even do a straight forward Halloween entry if you like, but I'm really looking for the weird, silly and scary entries.

Remember, we're photomanipulators. Put parts together, change colors, make the face paler with shadows in the cheeks, add claws and fangs, include a group of hell hounds. Anything to make your entry look more ghoulish, more cute,  or more  silly.


The Contest is all about October and Día de Muertos. When I lived in El Paso, I always participated in the Dia de Muertos exhibition on the border in Ciudad Juárez. It was always fascinating to view the various ways that artist chose to honor our dead.  You're welcome to do the same for this contest, if you like.


:bulletwhite: Our color for the month is Black, and since Halloween falls this month, you must  also use the color Orange.

:bulletwhite: You can go about your own way on this one.  Still, I want you to mixed and match some of the the types of objects and models from below.


1. A creepy house

2. And evil crone type of witch

3. A pretty witch

4. A large shining moon

5. A sorcerer

6. A cauldron

7. Bats

8. Crows

9. Skeletons

10. Mummies

:bulletwhite: Please don't have just one of these in your entry. Come up with an original way to use these objects/models, more stock, textures, and brushes, to add the right touches that fit your  theme and final composition.

:bulletwhite: You can add words if you like, but not too many. The image must still be more important than the words.

I always make a Halloween greeting deviation since I've been at dA. Here are two with one of my theme deviations:

Halloween 2010 by thefantasim  You Know You Love Her by thefantasim   It's Almost Time by thefantasim



:bulletgreen: 1. The contest begins today, and we will accept new members during the contest period.

:bulletgreen: 2.The contest will end on October 26th so that we can decide the winners and post before Halloween.  Always keep an eye on the Countdown Clock. The exact hour for your area will be adjusted.

:bulletgreen: 3. There will be 3 winners for each participation Level, and a Best Of Show, that will be chosen
 from the Intermediate and Advance Level entries.

:bulletgreen: 4. The entries will receive votes from: An Invited Judge, All Of The Moderators, Invited Affiliates, and Ballot votes from the group Members. Ballots are votes are sent to my art account and verified before it is counted.


:bulletwhite: You're expected to be a current member of ManipulateThis to participate. New members are welcome to join and participate during the contest.

:bulletwhite: You're expected To mixed or match the stock listed above, and include any other stock that will go well with your composition  and the theme.
:bulletwhite: You're expected to participate under the Level you were assigned  at the start of the membership with the group, or when  you were invited to move up to the next level.

:bulletwhite: If you lower your participation in an attempt to win the contest, you will be disqualified.

If you're unsure of your Level, just ask.

:bulletwhite: If you become upset because you think  you're the "all and all" in photomanipulation, you're welcome to leave the group, because I'm not going to argue with you.

:bulletwhite: You're expected to refrain from using children in any sort of  horror scene, directly or indirectly. I will not accept any entry that does.

:bulletwhite: You're expected to refrain from extremeness  in horror or gore for the sake of horror and gore.  

:bulletwhite: You're expected to refrain from using a Premade Background! You're expected to create your own.


:bulletwhite: No painting Over photos, NO use of 3D Renders, No use of Bright Special Effects that take away from your entry, No Cut Outs unless they've been created by the stock providers, No stock Downloaded from a site
out side of deviantart. 

We are basic photomapulation group and we work in a traditional way using our stock photos, and we support our stock providers.  Want to know why? Send me a note. :)

:bulletwhite: However, you are allowed to create a Monochromatic entry with as much orange a you wish.

:bulletwhite: You can submit two deviations, but you must use different stock.

:bulletred: Remember, I have the right to decline any deviation for content. No heavy use or blood or any gore in the deviation.  


:bulletorange: There are four categories for the contest, "Best Of Show", First Place, Second Place, and Third Place.

There will be different prize packs for each of the 10 winners.

:bulletorange: There is one Winner for the "Best Of Show", and three place winners for each Level. 

:bulletorange: The votes will be winners will be decided  by: Invited Guess Judges, The Moderators, and Group Members Ballot votes. Ballot votes are sent to me by note so only members can participate.

As of 9-29-14
Usually, before I start a contest, I first bug our friends, affiliates, and all of  you  for prize donations so that I can start the contest with something. I didn't do that this time.  So, I'm coming to you first. 

If you decide to donate, please keep to that promise and not make it difficult for me to find you at the end of the contest. In addition, what ever you do decide to donate does not have to go for every Level winner. For example, you may only want to donate  for the  "Best Of Show" or all of the "First Place Winners". Just let me know when you contact me

Below are various types of prize donations we have received in the past: 
       1 year Premium
             6 months Premium
              3 months Premium
          A Small dA Print
     2015 Calendar
          Any Other Art Merchandise From The DA Shop

      A Personal Deviation
              A Set Of Personal Stamps
A Tattoo Design
Decorated Shoes
    Handcrafted Jewelry
     Small Stuff Animal
Set Of Playing Cards Or Tarot Cards

These are only examples. And, you know, you Secret Santas
out there have been creating some incredible art over the
last years. I know you can donate something like that which can be downloaded privately from your

Okay, so below are what I can handle (keep in mind that I have not contacted any of our group friends yet--and really keep in mind that I want to take a real vacation soon :love:) myself
for sure, and prizes that I would like to give out:
Bullet; Orange 1000 points
Bullet; Orange An Exclusive 8.5X 11 Print By thefantasim
Bullet; Orange  An Exclusive Set of 20 Winter Theme Cards With Envelopes
Bullet; Orange Stock Packs (to be announced)
Bullet; Orange Features (needed)
(Is there anyone wouldn't mind could creating a super cool pack of original Playing Cards or Tarot Cards design that I'd be happy to print up and provide the envelopes?)
Star!First Place WinnersStar!
Bullet; Orange 200 points
Bullet; Orange A Personal Deviation By thefantasim
Bullet; Orange Stock Packs (To be announced)
Bullet; Orange Features (needed)

Star! Second Place WinnersStar!
Bullet; Orange 150 points
Bullet; Black Stock Packs (To be announced)
Bullet; Black Features (needed)

Star! Third Place WinnerStar!
Bullet; Orange 100 Points
Bullet; Orange Stock Packs (To be announced)
Bullet; Orange Features (needed)

The prize packs will grow as more prizes are donated.
EVIL Laughter!


:bulletorange: First, in the Artist's Comments box, make sure you post that your deviation is for the "Halloween Bash" Contest at ManipulateThis, and include our icon.

:bulletorange: Second, have the level you're entering under (2 for Beginners, 3, for Intermediate, and 4 for Advance) with the info above with your "Artist's Comments". If you're not sure about the level, please ask.

Choose your level carefully and accurately. A wrong level can affect winning the contest.

:bulletorange: Also, if it looks like your entry is at a higher level than you are participating under, your entry will be removed from the contest.

:bulletorange:  Then click the "Add To A Group" on the right hand side of the entry and select ManipulateThis. If it is not there, simply add it. The select the FEATURE folder. It must be approved before it's placed into the FEATURED gallery and into the contest folder.I always move from the FEATURED to the appropriate folder, so don't worry about that.

Remember, deviations that are NOT for the contest will be declined.

:bulletorange: You will receive a confirmation message at your art account if the entry was accepted or not. If it was declined you will receive a comment with the decline entry telling you why.

If there is time, you're allowed to edit your deviation or start again. An edited deviation will change the original if you use the "Edit Deviation" link on the page of the deviation.

:bulletorange:IMPORTANT!If the above happens and you do not delete the original deviation from your gallery, please send a group note so that I know to remove the original entry.


The rules are the same, but please state in the Artists Comments, boldly and clearly, that it is a Non-Competitive entry.

I am here to help. If you have any questions or need my help, or want me to look at your image before you submit,
don't hesitate to contact me.

Do your very best in execution, come up with a great idea and composition, and really create a fascinating entry! :D


Hello everyone!

I wrote this information for the group some time ago, and since we have had such a nice growth in membership, I thought I would the repeat the information again.  Not reading does not give you an excuse not to know!

Today I'm introducing the Elements And Principles of Design. Some of you are on top of the game and are ready know how to use the Elements with the Principles, but bare with me. I may show you some thing that you do not know.

This tutorial is meant for Novice and Beginning Photomanipulators, but, of course, it's here to give information that even the Intermediate and Advance deviant to learn something that they did not know.

Elements and Principles of Design


Question: What is meant by the Elements and Principles of Design?

Answer: Elements are the parts of a design, and the Principles are ways to use the parts..

All art is comprised of  the  Elements being arranged following the rules set by the Principles. Knowing the Elements and Principles can help you create more dynamic images. You must know and understand the rules that the Principles are based on before you can break away from them.

I will use the deviation, "Doll In The Attic" to point out the Elements ..


Bullet; Black Color is light reflected off of objects. The three characteristics of Color are Hue, Value and IntensityLight is needed to see color, 

Grey tones are a result of less light on an object. This is why black is the absence of all light.

Bullet; Black Colors that are opposite from one another on the Color Wheel are called Complementary Colors, such as blue and orange, yellow and violet, and green and red.
 In this deviation there is a touch of Complementary Colors.. The room can be categorized as having the same Tints and Shades of the same color, but the tea pot has traces of blue. Blue and Orange are complementary colors.

Bullet; Black Line is a stroke from one point to another. Lines are straight, curved, or wavy. They can be broken or continuous. They can go in a horizontal, diagonal or versicle  direction. They can be long, short, thick or thin.

There are several lines in this deviation.There are strong lines  around the hat, horizontal white on the toy house, in front, in front of the the seamstress mannequin, etc,.

Bullet; Black Shape is a line that has been closed. There are Geometric Shapes, Abstract Shapes, and Organic Shapes. Shapes can be made with thick or thin outlines, or have color within the outline, but they are always flat.

Every thing in the deviation has closed lines that indicates their shape.  Since we are not actually shapes, the best example show up in the
wall paper. 

Bullet; Black Form is a 3-Dimensional Shape.. Forms have length, width and depth. Boxes, spheres, and cylinders are examples of Forms.
Simply put, we are 3-Dimensional forms. Most things around us are also forms, and the same goes with in the example deviation. The hat, the mannequins, the cups, the draperies, and  of course the, "doll", etc., are 3-Dimensional forms

Bullet; Black In addition, Space is the area between and around objects. The Space around objects are called Negative Space while the object itself is taking up Positive Space. Space also refers to the illusion of Depth in 2-Dimensional art.

Bullet; Black The way to get Space and Depth on a 2-imensionsl surface is simple if you follow certain rules:

        1.  By Overlapping. When objects overlap, the first object is "seen" by us as being  the closest.
  •  2. By using Atmospheric Perspective: Objects in the nearest foreground are always the largest, clearest, and has the most detail. As objects move back into the furthest background, they become smaller, fuzzier, and has less detail.

  • 3. By using Linear Perspective: Using the horizon line as the focal point, invisible parallel lines move towards the horizon appearing to go from wide to narrow. Large objects appear smaller as they move towards the horizon line, and larger as they go away. Objects above the horizon line appear smaller and lower as they move "towards the horizon.  Often times, the "horizon" is not far away, like in a room, but the rules are still in affect.3. By using Linear Perspective: Using the horizon line as the focal point, invisible parallel lines move towards the horizon appearing to go from wide to narrow. Large objects appear smaller as they move towards the horizon line, and larger as they go away. Objects above the horizon line appear smaller and lower as they move "towards the horizon.  Often times, the "horizon" is not far away, like in a room, but the rules are still in affect.

:Bullet; Black Texture is how a surface feels when touched, or how it looks like it should feel if it's touched. Smooth, rough, soft, hard, bumpy are all examples of Textures. Both of the deviations above have the "look" of a specific texture.

The Principles

Now we're ready for the for Principles..

Using the "In Grandma's Closet" deviation, and the others that are included in the blog,  see if you can identify the Principles and which Elements are being used.
Bullet; Black Movement is a path through a design that is created with one or more of the Elements. The viewer eyes will catch this Element and move in the direction that it/they take.

Bullet; Black Repetition is repeating an Element at least one time.

Bullet; Black Pattern happens when the Repetition of one or more Elements are done exactly the same over and over.

Bullet; BlackProportion deals with the relationship between parts of a design and how they are related. For example, when drawing the human figure, Proportion can refer to the size of the head compared to the rest of the body.

Bullet; BlackRhythm is created when one or more Elements of design are used repeatedly through the design to create a feeling of organized movement.

Bullet; BlackVariety is doing something different to hold the viewer's attention.

Bullet; BlackUnity is the complication of the Principles to create the feeling of harmony between all parts of the design. It also gives a sense of "togetherness".

In this last section I want to cover how the Principles are used together to create Unity in the photomanipulation below.

 In Nana's Attic by thefantasim

Bullet; Green The deviation has a nice blend of Symmetrical and Asymmetrical balance.

Bullet; Green The Light over the little and the objects are as bright as she is.  Therefore that area is the Emphasis,

Bullet; Green
In addition, the yellow bear is different, so the eye has a tendency to catch it as it goes about the room..

Bullet; Green LIttle touched of red here and there, s well as the red of the spools of yarn help create Movement because the eye follows them towards the back of the image.  

Bullet; Green The Repetition of the Colors help maintain the togetherness feeling of the image.

Bullet; Green There is Pattern in the screen. .

Bullet; Green Once again, there is a touch of complementary color. The blue painting, and dark color  yarn greats a bit of Variety.

Thank you for reading and I hope you learned something new today.

More Journal Entries



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Welcome To ManipulateThis!

:bulletblack:We Are All Happy To See You:bulletblack:

Our Group Is A Bi-Weekly Challenge Group For Beginning, Intermediate, and Advance Photomanipulators.
Traditional Photomanipulator.

Thanks For Being A Member! I'm Looking Forward To Seeing Your First Entry!



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Countdown to "The Days Of Orange" Challenge

Countdown ended
Sunday, September 28th @ 10:00am

The Challenge Is Over Picks Of The Week Announced Soon!


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